Are you too Busy to Make Beats?

“A mind too active is no mind at all.” (Theodore Roethke)

Being constantly on the go, doing ’stuff’, or leaving no room for playtime ‘makes Johnny a dull boy’…It also makes no time for making beats or writing songs… Your mind needs time to absorb everything it experiences in order to keep growing musically…

I don’t know about you but I am DEFINITELY too busy to make beats. However, I make time and plan for making beats and writing songs. I prioritize them according to the current goals and fit them into my current business schedule. We all do this to some extent – the challenge is following through and holding yourself accountable.

Tutorial: If you find yourself too busy to Make Beats:

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Mac Vs PC for Music Production and Audio Recording? The Debate is Finally Over

This debate has been going on for decades. There are pages and pages of content and mac vs pc pros and cons, opinions, pc vs mac, which is better and it goes on and on..

This music article is about getting to the root of your decision: The Results, Budget, Learning Curve, Use and Compatibility. Your decision is also based on if you are just beginning music production, been using computers for a while or you are a seasoned professional.

Choosing whether to go PC vs Mac is an entirely personal decision. When asking questions and getting 'the facts', make sure to stay away from subjective advice. Subjective advice is strictly personal opinion and has no factual evidence. Everyone who gives you advice WILL NOT be paying your bill. While opinions are VERY influential more than we would like, they cannot be the ultimate decision maker especially when choosing the foundation of your music studio and what you will be using for music creation for the next 5-10 years.

Here are three perspectives to consider before buying or upgrading to a new music production computer:

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Sound Design Training and Daily Ear Training Exercises

When you hear of ear training in music schools you may get images of classical orchestra music compositions or trying to guess what note an electronic beep is.. at least that's what I used to think ear training was.

However, ear training has become almost as exciting for me as music production. I firmly believe we have ear training exercises and sound design training opportunities around us in every moment that will take your music production to the next level. The challenge is recognizing them and then learning how to put them into action.

Here are 3 unique ear training exercises and sound design training assignments to grow your ears and ultimately take your sound design and music production to the next level..

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The Secret to Music Production Deadlines

Music Production deadlines are a musician’s secret weapon. It’s a catalyst that will bring out the untouched and dusty talent in you. Deadlines bring focus, momentum, and a teeth-gritting ambition for reaching beyond what we think is possible. A deadline is hope, in the deepest sense. It’s optimism and faith rolled all into one..

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