10 Songwriting Tips for Beginners

I really hope this vlog helps young songwriters find some inspiration to start writing!


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Okay… so my dream is to be a professional musician. I write lyrics and have the melodies for them in my head, but I can't play any instruments or read or write music. Where can I go to learn to read and write? A music theory class? And what instruments must I be able to play if I want to do that? Also, is there anything else I need to be able to do in order to get a shot at my dream?
Any advice Emma? Thanks for this video!?

I don't actually play any instruments… but I love to sing and I have written a lot of songs that sound good and catchy but they just need an instrumental! What do I do??

https://soundcloud.com/luis-lleras-4/this-far Tell Me What You Guys Think About My Writing! I'm no singer though!!!?

I thought I had good ideas for songwriting but Emma you've completely changed my mind you're so inspirational and awesome and talented so keep being amazing and keep writing amazing music damn it :D?

I must be getting really fucking desperate because I'm watching this?

Its called I miss kissing Theo's smooth lip.

Verse One:
My beautiful, dead mother.
And quiet nights and gentle days with you
I wish I could go back to another.
Don't happen much anymore

I miss kissing Theo's smooth lip.
There's never a wish better than this
It makes me feel like I've done dip.
Never thought my heart could be so yearny

Verse Two:
I kissed a boy, where the tree stood tall.
Growin' up too fast and I do recall
I miss being able to have fun, and all.
Of the way we were

I miss kissing Theo's smooth lip.
There's never a wish better than this
It makes me feel like I've done dip.
Never thought my heart could be so yearny?

What a knowledgeable young lady.  Very impressed with the professionalism and demeanor.?

Would I still be classed as a beginner song writer even though I've written about 40 songs ?

This video was so helpful for me putting lyrics to my beats! You're beautiful Emma thank you so much <3?

Hi there, would you please have a listen to my tune here, it's a collaboration between a Sax player and myself, Guitar vs Saxophone…
Thanks for watching, comments and feedback are very welcome…


Check out this video on YouTube:?

Hi Emma, I do like your tutorial pretty much. I think you are a really talented host. I knew all those basics. I didn't know that what I call "prechorus" is called "climb" 🙂 I know you like climbs :))) The recording set is a great hint that helps me. Did you actually test the quality? If yes I would follow your tip cuz I still need recording stuff.

Well thanks for your effort. I like the style of your VLOG with all the pugs and little Emmas as a logo. You rock after all!! :)))


How much is that packed on amazon ?