4. Recording Audio with the D90 in Movie Mode – Interactive tutorial

4. Recording Audio with the D90 in Movie Mode - Interactive tutorial

recording and syncing audio with the nikon D90 next in the d90 tutorial series.
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But the H4n is too expensive, any other alternatives??

how would you hook the audio device to the camera? what kind of cable would
you need??? thank you

I have the canon xh-a1 video can, and I record a 190+ marching band, and
large concert orchestras in doors . Can the h4n be connected to the camera
via xlr or should the recording be done separate

@usedtobealawyer its a birthmark dont be mean :L

@eyepatchentertainmen hi mate im trying to upload videos to you tube from
the d90 and the audio is way out of sync with the picture like way off ! is
there an easy way to fix this im not very good with all this stuff !

thanks for the heads up. Actually the audio is probably fixed in the d300
because I believe it also has a gain setting.

Thank you for a nice review! Which microphone would you suggest for doing
on location interviews? I was planning on getting the VoiceElectro RE-50
ND-B (omnidirectional dynamic microphone) and the Zoom H4n as a hand held
flash recorder. Would this combo be any good? Love and Peace, Queen of

yea lets wait till im 16 and have a job lol. Anything cheaper that you know?

o okay thats what my bday moneys going to. This is a smart way of getting
audio though