60 second productivity hack: Backup your Instagram photos to OneDrive

60 second productivity hack: Backup your Instagram photos to OneDrive

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It’s almost a year now. And instagram doesn’t gets update?

can we just look of this in a positive view? Microsoft is different from
Microsoft isn’t being biased on a company that only supports them which is
but instead they are also promoting what is real and a fact that might help
us on our daily life. which might result to some company or developers to
bring their apps to our windows store. hope you get what MS is trying to

Update, Instagram & vine, and there should an app for “if this then that”
similar to iOS !?

Why highlight an app that doesn’t even have a Windows phone variant? What’s
the point in that??

Instagram beta? 6tag is extremely most better?

Ifttt doesn’t even have a windows app, wtf are u guys thinking, and stop
showing off instagram, they are a useless pathetic lazy developer. Haven’t
even updated their app in a year, not even on par with other versions, how
about u promote 6tag and show off things that don’t hurt your image?

should have promote 6tag more since its better than instagram on Windows.?

why is Instgram/Vine won’t update???

I uninstall instagram beta. It is a lack of respect towards windows users
to have an app with no updates for more than 2 years. I’m sticking to

update please, just throw them some money MSFT or do something?

I can’t even Sent My Work in Office Via BBM -_-?

Wow nice one MS, you are promoting a beta app that hasn’t been updated for
more than a year. Did I also mention that it’s still in beta??!?

Please ask Instagram to update the app first. It’s been a year since the
app was last updated for Windows Phone.?

such a trash app
6tag for windows phone is the best instagram app :3?