Ableton Live 9 Beginner Tutorial 07 – Recording MIDI & Audio

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I’m gonna DL this software and see what I can do with it. I often get too
caught up in tryin to make stuff that sounds more like sleep trance. This
software looks like it’s a box of candy. I’m punchin keys on a midi and
dabin dots on the grid… I’m almost excited… lol Great video. i’ll be
sure to come back and share whatever I come up with.?

how do I get my keyboard that is connected to record midi like his? mine
will play the instrument sounds, but I am not sure how to get it to record

i feel like something is up with the captions lol?

Where did you buy that pack an what is it called that has the 2 kicks you
used in this tutorial?? I would appreciate the advice. Thank you?

Is there any reason you wouldn’t be able to perform the same process done
with the Virus there, through a vst? And if that would be possible, how
would you route that??

Can anyone recommend a free alternative to Sylenth1 for Mac 64 bit Ableton

Thanks! these ableton tutorials are awesome.?

@Wreck Tangle, The Virus TI stands for the access virus total integration.
Thats the Hardware integration of an access virus synthesizer, in this case
the snow version into your DAW Software. It is an Hardware instrument that
you can buy in a musicstore and not a software synthesizer with free trials

I just wanna flap in your face?

What if you wanted to record over a downloaded instrumental? Where and how
would you do it? That’s all I need help on! If anyone can help me out I’d
appreciate it !

i’m thinking maybe you could load the instrumental as a sample in drum rack
or impulse

Where do you get the sylenth1 and also the sound packs? Please help! Thx šŸ™‚