Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Ed Sheeran

Five hours before singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran was scheduled to take the stage at the gargantuan SAP Center in San Jose, California, he sauntered into the arena’s backstage area to perform…
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I love his guitar, i want it lol?

WOW how many other modern day music mega stars can sound like that live?
this guy has real and pure talent ?

Great interview! Loved the choice of questions?

This guy is live almost better than on his album!!!?????????????

he must be so tired of preforming this song?

i wanna have his accent so bad :((?

Great interview! Finally not just someone flirting with him, haha.?

Pause at 5:13 …definitley a Martin!!?

Really good interview. I’ve noticed that in most interviews, the
interviewers focus a lot on him as a person, his friendship with Taylor
Swift, and forget or ignore the fact that his job is making music. Where as
in this one, if was straight on influences, songwriting, touring, etc. I
really liked that. Definetly going to watch more of the acoustic guitar
magazine videos now!?

Does anyone now what kind of guitar he’s playing? I can see it’s a Martin.?

Ed reminds me of a young Van Morrison, sounds great.?

Glen Hansard definitely channels van morrison vocally?

Awesome, now all i need is a separate vid for the song itself so i can @
this 2 my playlist :)?

0:10 – Glasses On
0:14 – Glasses Off?

People should listen to Pete Roe instead. ?

“I’ve been really tryin’ baby, tryin’ to hold back these feelings for so
long. And if you feel, like i’m feeling baby, come on, let’s get it on”
#samesong #mashup Let’s Get it on by Marvin Gaye?

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Don’t you just love how he sounds like his recorded tracks even when it is