Alex Turner / Elephant’s Trunk Hairstyle | How To

Watch my hair tutorial how to for this Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) inspired hairstyle. It’s a modern take on a 1950s greaser classic. FEATURED PRODUCTS: Black…


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Finally!!! A blast from the past?????

You guys have been asking for this one. I really hope you like it. ?

They need to bring this hairstyle back…?

Hi Robin! Thank you for your hard work and showing us this hairstyle!

Love the music and the tutorial!?

Do you with the direction your hair naturally goes??

I’ve got really thin hair and it isn’t as dense as most people’s. Any tips
on how to grow hair as thick as yours? :3?

What he’s doing to the back is called a duck tail. Or, in the UK I’m pretty
sure it’s a “DA” (duck’s arse). You did pretty well Robin! I have a mate
who rocks the style. His hair’s damn long so it looks great. Glad you took
the time for this. Looks great. ?

I love the hairstyle. Goodjob Robin?

Dude… I freaking love you. Thank you so much but try using Shiner’s Gold
pomade or Layrite?

Hey Robin! How did you wash this pomade out, or did you wait for your hair
naturally remove the grease??

This style looks best with the “trunk” curling, and it helps style when
your hair curls or curves. You could curl it with a curling rod or use
curling shampoo. It just makes it look more dynamic. If you don’t want to
carry a comb with you everywhere you go. You could lock it with some
hairspray. ?

My hair dryer has 3 temperature options, wich one you think would be better
for the hairstyle? Cold, hot or medium hot??

Wow! What a genius Robin. Just like usual, u manage to emulate another
“tricky” hairstyle. Honestly, me myself can’t perfect this hairstyle,
especially as u said in the video, the front part is quiet tricky to pull
it off. As a greaser, I’m very appreciate ur effort to make the “Alex’s
trunk” version could be achived by anyone now. P/s: Actually for the back
part of ur hair should form a “duck tail/ass” since that u got a suitable
length. It’ll look more sharp and neat, rather than let it flatten out. Hv
a nive day mate!?

where are u from? im from fife lol :)?

I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it before, but doesn’t he sound
like Moss from the IT crowd? ?

+Robin James I really dig this hairstyle, I’m considering trying this one
out, I’m getting tired of styling the same pompadour I’ve been for 6 years,
but I want to keep the 50s retro look, is there a way to do this style
without a hair dryer??

Digging the hair style Robin! Werrrking it haha x?

What is that thing you put on your hair after drying??

I’m a girl, idk why I’m watching this lol really handsome hair ?

This is awesome. ^^ It was a great help and I thought it looked pretty well
on me, even though I’m a girl. Thanks a lot!?