ASCAP 2011 – Dr. Luke

superstar music producer Doctor Luke shares music production tips and technique https://twitter.com/TheDoctorLuke.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Dr. Luke is a rapist and pig he doesnt deserve to be in the industry.?

someone wants dr.luke ascap 2010 video??

half those people just had questions that were personal confidence boosters
like that one woman who asked if it was ok to write what she wants to write
about. for christ sakes.?

Great video, but it seems that anyone there ever saw or known of any music
production work being done. This questions are mostly weak and not at all
daring. ?

” I ran out of tracks, Pro Tools has 196″ Dr. Luke

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band was written with a 4-track recorder
and no computers. ?

Did they really need to play the whole fuckin song??

Omg some people’s questions are so annoying. Do you have any questions
about this session? Not “do you wanna act like a fan girl and self
promote?” Hi my name is no one cares and I’m a singer, songwriter,
producer, actor, basket weaver, donkey rider, burger taster. Seriously
wasting time with Dr. Luke.?

Disgusting controlling perverted rapist?

so its intro verse pre chorus bridge verse preachers chorus? ?

this Dr, Puke guy is scum……all he does is put no talent T & A on the
radio and makes millions off of the fool masses who don’t know any
better………so sad.?

that britney spears song sounds like it has the same synth as like a g6?

This video is so fantastic and highly informational.Dr.Luke and his team
are talented as fuck to say the least..?

And by the way, Dr luke is the Disciple of Max Martin since they cooperated
10 years ago. Max is the king of Music producers, bar none.?

So these are the asswipes making popmusic sound like commercials.?

Excelent as Hija de Perra told.?

bruh is worth 100 mill lollllll?