Audio Recording tutorial #09 with Jonathan Clark – Nyquist, Dither, Anti-Aliasing

This video is a theory video. I talk about the Nyquist-Shannon Sampling Theorem, Quantization Noise, Anti-Aliasing, and using Dither. This information is a g…
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LOLLLLL at 27:02, great video thanks :)?

1) How do you protect yourself from getting deaf ?
2) In 25:10…if you have an analogue signal, the cool digital high
roll-off filters in software might not be of any help as it has to get
sampled before it is available for the computer to process and then you
already have got the artifacts.?

Excellent video! Very informative. You are simplifying things in an elegant
matter in my opinion. I just got one question. When you’re describing the
dithering. You subtract 0.45 and then add a random number, why are you
subtracting 0.45 and then applying random number X instead of just applying
random number X minus 0.45 (X-0.45)? Where does the 0.45 come from?

I double checked if you did mention it in the video but i could find
anything, sorry if i missed it. Thank you for a good lecture!
Greetings from Sweden!?

best dj/ sound theory videos on youtube. period.

Thanks a lot Jonathan,your videos are so useful,you take time to
explain!!!Greetings from France… šŸ˜‰