Beginner’s Tutorial for Reaper

Reaper is a fantastic and affordable DAW. I have started using it in the last few months and am making this video to try and help others who are just getting started. This covers the basics…
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How do I get playback while recording??

new to DAW recording. downloaded this. are there VST packs free or
purchase? seems like I have to google and search for each VST plugins.?

whats an interface? what are some of these vocab words your using? like
eleven rack??

I don’t find this useful for a newcomer, can’t get past setup,
this vid is way too quick to jump in with little direction on setting
devices up.
For me its useless.?

NOT A BEGINNER TUTORIAL. you have to have a basic or advanced understanding
how a daw works. you need to have multiple things for it to work. in my
opinion not a proper video just a guy talking about what he did. not evn
that my bad he doesntven go into the different thinks that you need doesnt
go into detail or anything.?

How do I licence my reaper???? please help me out?

Not to mention, the size of the Pro Tools installer is over 4.9 gigabytes
while Reaper’s installer is a whopping 7 megabytes. Talk about a micro
footprint!! Stability with a tiny footprint, Reaper still holds its own
against the hideously complex behemoth of Pro Tools’ proprietary
bloatware. I’ve wasted tens of thousands of dollars trying to keep up with
Avid’s Pro Tools hardware requirements nonsense. Following a catastrophic
Pro Tools crash with one of their RTAS crapware plugins during a high
paying project, I finally tried Reaper based on a recommendation and never
looked back. Reaper v4.77b is a musician’s dream come true. Studios are
abandoning Pro Tools in droves and switching to Reaper, which
coincidentally, now dominates the competition both in ease of use, design
and simplicity of workflow, and rock solid stability that’s unmatched by
any other DAW platform I’ve used yet.?

how do i convert reaper files to mp3 files so i can listen to it on my

nice video. im not good with computer at all but you seem to explain things
well. how do you record music through a guitar into it? do you set up a
microphone or what??

Thanks for the tutorial. Next steps: Is the process the same as using
stand-alone units (record tracks, mix and bounce to 2 stereo tracks, master
the tracks)? Also, how does one use a mixer/control surface to mix
recorded tracks? Thanks in advance!?

Hey kleydj13, this software is very good. I tried to use cubase 7, but I’ve
spend 1 week with Reaper and found it easier to manage and affordable.?

#Reaper Good beginners tutorial of an awesome DAW. ?

I just downloaded Reaper… I am completely new to recording with a program
like this so I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. I think I’ve figured out how to
set up my microphone but when I try to listen to something I’ve recorded I
can’t hear it? I don’t have headphones, is there a way to listen to my
recording without headphones???

Thank you very much for this video kleydj13! It helped! =)?

Where does one obtaign the Electri-Q plug-in you demonstrate in the vid??

Need help :p I cant hear my guitar when I record it?

How do you change your registered name to my studio name once you buy

Very good tutorial I can’t wait to get home to download and get started!?

Thanks dude, this was very useful.?