Blue Snowball & Other Recording Devices : (Best) Audio Commentary Settings Tutorial

Blue Snowball & Other Recording Devices : (Best) Audio Commentary Settings Tutorial

I hope you found this helpful, keep up with the suggestions! Programs Used: Adobe audition and Audacity Leave a Like or a Favorite as they help my channel gr…


Also noise removal makes me sound like robotic ?

My bluesnowball has gone quiet and there is an exho in the background how
do I stop this as my viewers find it annoying as the quality does not sound

this mic sucks, you cant hear it unless you speak so close you could lick

How do u post it on YouTube ?


the problem I have is with the mic picking up sound, I play a little
farther away, about 4 feet, but every setting picks up my voice in spurts.
Meaning I will say, “somebody watch A” and you will here, “somebody ch A”
any idea on how to fix this? I use an elegato.?

Can you help me with something please? 🙂 My Blue snowball makes weird
thumping noises like someones faintly tapping the microphone and its really
annoying (my videos all have it). Would a popfilter fix this? Thanks :)?

Awesome video, just bought a Blue Snowball to record commentary for my
gaming channel and I didn’t like the sound of my voice at all but with
these settings I’m a whole lot more happier, thanks and subbed :)?

My settings for my mic is disabled how do I enable my blue snow ball to
work ?

i cant select anything in the effect bar wtf ?

It’s blank to help plz o need to finish my mixtape ASAP thank you ?

When I play games on my laptop when using my snowball people say I sound
very low or far away will this help?

Why do we have to depend on an Audio Editor if this microphone is
“perfect”. Noise removal in audacity distorts the audio to a degree
depending on the setting you use. I would NOT recommend a Blue Snowball. I
have crackle & hum when I record…This is my second Snowball the first one
had to be returned because the audio was so bad. Even in your clip I can
hear a slight hum on certain words and also slight clipping…not good.?

Can you do one for voice acting??

how do you do this on Sony Vegas Pro 13 HELP?

Thanks, I’ve used the tool before, but not so effectively, this will
definitely help with my auditions?

Where do you get adobe addition??

When me and my bro record a live commentary on the ps3 the mic picks up the
controller sounds, how do we prefend this? ?

Do i have to do this every time i record my voice??