D. Ramirez Masterclass Production Tutorial – Episode 1.3

D. Ramirez Masterclass Production Tutorial - Episode 1.3

While in LA D. Ramirez filmed a 6 part Masterclass Music Production Tutorial Video at Icon Collective. In the videos D. Ramirez takes you through the whole p…
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wow Ramirez, do you really make your kick to -8 by pull the Post fader down
? what about the plugins you going to put on insert? they will still recive
So guys, if you want to put it down, do it by gain or trim knob.?

I love Logic. I’ve tested Studio One a couple of times and it just doesn’t
click with me. It shows that we all have different taste and workflow.

@ramteen Most DAWS (inc Sonar, Cubase and Logic) have floating point
processing, so you can’t really clip the individual channels of a DAW. – in
short, it really doesn’t matter if your kick is apparently near 0DBFS – the
important thing is that your stereo bus can’t exceed 0DBFs, as this signal
is being sent to your convertors. There’s nothing wrong with the way D
Ramirez is doing it, but it’s not a problem if you’ve just mixed a bunch of
track with the kick near 0DBFS.

After draging a loop from guru to the sequencer it plays two versions of
the loop, both inside guru itself and the midi part of the loop, makes it
sound fucked up as two versions of the same loop clash together… How do I
make guru shut up when i press space bar and start the track ?=)

I love Dee’s music and he is a great producer but logic looks like a right
pain in the arse.

Great stuff. To add a related tip on saving that can be a complete
lifesaver, each time I save a project I save it with a new sequential name,
i.e projectname1, projectname2 etc – that way if something untoward happens
that either corrupts the project (it happens!) or creates a problem you
can’t quickly identify, for instance something that has got screwed up
somehow in Logics environment, you can just load up the last ‘working’
project & go back a few steps if you need to

Good explantions. Thanks 4 the videos!

No. But, by using the sampler it will make ur beats more looped. And by
inserting kicks and drums in the actual window will make ur workflow more
“creative” u will maybe delete one or two snares a certain place etc.

A Recycle (REX/REX2) file is created with Propellerheads Recycle, a loop
slicing software – you load a wav or aif file into it, then it slices up
the drum hits and creates a REX file. GN Studio essentials is a third party
‘sample CD’ (in no way connected or related to STYLUS RMX), that contains
REX files. D Ramirez imported these files into Stylus.

Oh yeah, without a doubt I used Cubase for a pretty long time, but it’s
just too clunky for me. Ableton ruined my work flow with its loop-based
programming. And I tried, I really did, but I just can’t get into FL
Studio. Don’t have a Mac (I hate them :P) so Logic will never be the
solution for me

These tutorial videos are incredibly useful, thank you guys for putting
them together.