Fl studio 10 Hip Hop Tutorial : How To Make Drake Type Beat

Fruity Loops 10 tutorial To make a drake type beat

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FL Studio 10 Tutorial.
FL Studio 10 TUTORIAL : Fast And Lazy Way To Make A Beat
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00:51 – Taking Our Sample For Beat
02:30 – Taking Drums For Beat
11:42 – Making Bass For Beat
17:33 – Exporting Our Sampled Beat In FL Studio

Answer your question- This is FAST way to make a sampled beat FL Studio 10 , 11 , 12 etc. versions.
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someone'S been playin with dem pota hahahahaha lol!!!trashy cowbell bro remove that and you just a hit if u know what sayin?

How can I upload my beats here on YouTube?

what are the chord progessions you used?

This isnt that great tbh lol, u may have 20x more views than me, but my drake beat is 100x better.?

This isn't a tutorial, this is just you showing us your beat.?

Nigga I Make Better Beats in My Sleep… GARBAGE AND WTF WHY A COW BELL ??? Title Should BE A DRAKE WANNABE BEAT!!! HAHAHA?

Check my channel for hip-hop FL Studio Remakes!?

Bro anyone can look through presets, it's not that hard. Make your own instruments?

Dude you're off key and it sounds terrible.?

this doesnt tell me how you got the music into edison ?

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where did u get ur drums ??

why is hop hop easier to make than techno/ Trance?????

This is the exact way I sample! I have yet to find another producer or tutorial that uses this method it's way easier than using Fruity Slicer. I'd rather use Edison to chop my own samples and drag them on to the playlist where I can adjust the tempo of the sample to match either 4Bars or 2Bars.?

I sample songs on fl studio a whole different way using Fruity slicer way easier and works better?