Garage Band Tutorial: Creating a Song

http://www.nyvs.com This Garage Band tutorial shows you how to compose your own music and create songs for your movie using Apple’s Garage Band application. …


why does garage band sound like grojband?
why why why why!?

hello your video was awesome and really helped me alot thanks for making
this video and im really happy you did ill subscribe to your channel and
like your video too thanks bye the way my names josiah thank you?

I just started mixing music by practicing with Garage Band. Every time I
make a track and post it on YouTube, a user slams me with a copyright claim
saying I stole some of the loops from them. Um, no. LOL. The loops were
provided by Garage Band, therefore these users cannot slam me with a claim.
Garage Band music is free to use and show by anyone, because the conditions
say so and because no one owns Garage Band except the programs’ developers.
I get so angry every time a Garage Band user tries to do me in with a
claim. I just dispute them and go about my day. ?

this is not composing music, this is just piecing together somebody elses

I am a composer/producer/mixer using garageband to create completely
original music and would appreciate some feedback. Thank you very much.?

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can i have GarageBand parogram?

cool little demo, song mission totally possible!: )?

Thanks lot its very Usefully?

This Garage Band tutorial shows you how to compose your own music and
create songs for your movie using Apple’s Garage Band application.

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Wanna see more garageband songs? im not really a youtuber but i’ve got 2
songs all about garageband, watch them if you want! ;)?

Let’s make are own music for our movies and avoid copyright issues. This
tutorial shows you how to use Apple’s Garage Band program.?

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Thank you for this very clear, concise and interesting tutorial. I’m a new
bee with Garage Band and am sifting through the YouTube selection of GB
tutees. Nice to see a presentation that’s professionally done. No
disrespect to anyone.