How To Improve Your Music Production Tips | Hip Hop Beats, Quality, Mixing, Sequencing, Arrangement

How To Improve Your Music Production Tips | Hip Hop Beats, Quality, Mixing, Sequencing, Arrangement

In this video, I explain the #1 tip that has helped me to progress my overall music production – from the mixing, arranging, and overall sound quality.
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Top 3 Basic Tips for a Better Mix:

Top 3 Basic Tips for a Better Mix

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Travis Cole (TCustomz)
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Dance Music Mixing Tips with Morgan Page

DJ/producer/remixer Morgan Page (Madonna, Katy Perry, Tegan & Sera, La Roux) gives his tips and tricks on how to approach a dance mix with the Morgan Page EMP toolbox.
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Really good advice bro. Thanks for sharing I will try this in my production!?

Dope Video. As an aspiring producer I definitely should do this more?

I'm getting into music production, specifically dubs trap and psychedelic but I'm getting lost somewhere idk what to do…if you can help me start somewhere please so I'll be grateful
Thanks mate

Check out this video on YouTube:?

Bro your video helped me alot! "The music you input is the music you output". That's something I really never considered as a producer, that I'm now going to apply to my craft. ?

I dont know why but I love eminem beats, especially his old stuff. Most of the beats are produced by dre that I like. ?

The tough thing about music production is knowing what people will end up loving. I think it all comes down to how natural the chemistry is between the vocalist and the beat. Popular music of any genre will always need that strict song structure though. You're playing to a crowd that subconsciously expects for certain things to happen at certain times when they listen to music. So you can't just have Justin Beiber pull an Ol Dirty Bastard and stop a song at the drop to see how long he can make a noise with his throat in the middle of the music. ?

these are some great points travis. i usually just compress my kicks and snares, add a bit of reverb to my hihats and pan them and normalize my samples. every track needs a great mix. i'm learning to improve on my mastering though.?

ok your main point about referencing tracks was great but you could have worded it all differently haha ?

Man I have been looking for a video like this forever. I have been listening to music and analyzing music but I would try and analyze everything that I listen to which would take time away from actually producing. the gold in this video is to only analyze the songs that move you. Thanks so much man you are a life saver. your words are appreciated. ?

great videos brother. we've been playing live music as well as producing in the studio for years as well and you give even seasoned pros some new ideas. dig it! would love to collab!?

Appreciate the tips solid advice. I recently started reference a lot going back to why I fell in love.?

Everything you said is on point, I've been learning how to make beats for about 3 months and I've still got quite a bit to learn before I am ready to make good beats. I've been listening to Taz Taylor and Saru beats, they have the sort of music which I'm interested in and I spend a lot of time analysing what they do in the beats to make them so catchy and I try see find out how they structure their beats. 

I've also been learning how to mix and trying to see how other tunes are mixed, to see what stands out more, although it 's up to you what you want to be heard more, imo.?

man this guy knows everything about production?

A really inspiring video, I'm ready to go make some tracks! :)?

That tip on creating silence before a snare hit prior to a drop makes loads of sense. So much stuff to think about when doing electronic mixes?

Guy you open my eyes ! Thank you !?

Just like math mastering. Learning the recall memory. They just know it. Basic knowledge to concentrate on other aspects.?

Those are great monitors. I want them. Stuck useing Yamaha NS690. Need the 1000. He works with masters. The super fine detail Mastering.?

He uses monkey banana keke?

Mixing tips…more like an advert -_-?

He was great in Truman show?

I learnt a few trick from a cool mix engineer called Raz Klinghoffer when he mixed my song …?

Guy sounds knowledgeable about his shit, exactly opposite of how I expect these DJ's of today to be lol?

thanks morgan good video. Vocals can drive you crazy. ?

Haha sooooo true about listening to your song 500 times. I never can finish a song because I always create a really catchy melody, then have no clue how to build up to it or move on from that melody. Complete creativity block, and when I hear the mix the next day, there's always frequencies that sound too loud, even though I eqed the crap out of it?

Morgan , a new produced song from you would be nice . Get Lissie on it also.?

Thanks for this. I appreciated the Chris Martin tip about using different types of compression to thicken a vocal. I've been binge-watching mixing tutorials and this one was really impressive as far as being prepared, professional and having substance.?