How to Write a Song : Songwriting: Structure

It’s OK to break the rules of songwriting, but know the structure of a song first so that you can break the rules intelligently. Learn how to write a song in…
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I want to write songs like musical theatre by the inspiration of let it go
and other princess songs. but i don’t know to compose, read notes and
playing any instrument. also to write song! but i’m good in singing in
powerful voice! and i can translate anysongs and i can make parody too.
please reply me and give some advice??

thanks for this video.
what is a bridge exactly is it a instrumental part or vocal part and whats
the instrumental parts btw parts??

This song seems to break every rule about structure going…yet it
works..look at the early anylitics which suggest it may be popular in the

please pay attention to the comments section…something about it just

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i wanna learn how to write songs look at *Banfan Song Sensation* (do a
search on google)? our mate uses it extraordinary?

@Abz Kernaghan, I like the lyrics.?

Thanks for the tips, they’ve helped a lot with my songs…I’ve loaded a few
here on youtube.?

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So the bridge could basicly be the breakdown?

This is good stuff! I’ve learned the song structure a little while back,
but it’s very useful for beginners to get an idea of the frame. I have more
technical videos of songwriting on my channel, if you’re curious!

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