How to write a song: Songwriting Tips Lyrics

How to write a song: Songwriting Tips Lyrics

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Using simile’s and metaphor’s when writing a song. When writing lyrics infer and suggest the meaning rather than spelling it out.

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Could you show us one of your song rather than tell??

"Her eyes are windows with a view to the deep sea of my love. "
There's a metaphore.?

Why hold a guitar and not use it ARRRRGGGGHHHH!! Good advice though šŸ˜‰

does this sound good,
19 my number,
19 your say,
like a bridge over troubled water.
this advice helped me write that cause i am going to be a professional song writer.

Yes or something like that šŸ™‚

…tunnel under troubled water?

This is great info. Thanks for sharing. I have a ton of videos about music licensing and how to get music in tv and films. Check out my channel if you're interested.

Pink floyd : the sun is in the east ..even though the day is done ….means a neuclear explosion..

I added this to SongwriterWorkshop thanks.

No you're thinking of personification… A simile is what he is explaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say selena Gomez 2 times clap your hands 5 times post this on 2 other videos and check your voice

we know what similies and metaphors are ok get 2 the point !!

Im going to write a song called bridge under trouble water.

and a personification is when you use the words as and like is that what your saying…