Mixing explained #1 – Basic Mixing Theory

In the first episode of this season We’re looking at basic mixing theory :
What is mixing, and what do we want to achieve with a mix?
This highly visual episode will explain the basic theory of making a simple mix and will help you ‘visualize’ your mix a lot better. In this first episode we don’t really look at what we will be physically performing behind our mixing console, but mainly at the concept of what we will be creating.
From episode 2 on we will be diving into mixing consoles, channelstrips and their functions to understand the signalflow. From there on we will be going into some basic mixing sessions and grow into more advanced types of mixes.
Graphic design of the band-characters by : Anne-Julia (http://www.annejulia.nl)

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This is a great tutorial! I'm just starting out in producing music and some areas like mixing were hard for me to understand until now. You made it Sooo easy to understand lol… Maybe because I'm a visual learner and I noticed your also a graphic designer, so the graphics as a visual helped me a "see" sound better and understand mixing. Thanks for the vid and keep up the great work.?

Great video for beginners and even advanced producers as a refresher :)?

Great video keep up the good work!!?

Thank you for the great tutorial, it helped out a lot.?

Beautifully illustrated and great explanations!!! I will be all over these videos! Where is that accent from? Chicago??

yes my brother i like this one visual?

i thought mixing was just eq'ing and tweaking the volume on each individual layer, and then mastering was getting a wider stereo image. it seems like mastering isn't even important if you have a good mix. because thats exactly what you did 3:35?

Thank you for the vids! They are really helpful!?

Amazing representation. Perfect! I'm going to share this. Subscribed.?