3 ways worry dry up creativity

3 Ways to keep Worry from Drying up your Music Creativity

If you are worried about anything while making beats or recording music, it is possible you may suffer from writer’s block or a lack of music creativity. Truth be told there is no such thing as writer’s block but that is entirely different article… Worrying however, contributes to any form of writers block.

Worrying consists of any negative thoughts that project into your future about you and your music. These thoughts literally can eat away at you ‘behind the scenes’ while you’re working on music, writing lyrics and finishing your music.

Here are some facts about Worry while creating music:

  • Worry keeps you from doing what can be done to change your circumstances.
  • Worry will never change the outcome and allows your fears to come to pass.
  • What you focus on expands and what expands grows and flourishes.
  • Is your worry about ‘making it’ or ‘do i have what it takes’ driving you?
  • Or is how much you love making beats and song writing what drives you?

Only your music creativity will keep your fears and worries from happening.

You are ultimately going to end up where you are constantly thinking.
Either worry or creativity can exist. Either fear or hope can exist.
Both cannot exist in the same place. Which ones do you find yourself focusing on?

Here are 3 ways to Keep Worry from Drying up your Music Creativity:
1) Think about what you’re thinking about while making music: You can sense when worry starts rearing its ugly head, it starts with a knot in the stomach, discouragement about what you’re creating, then it can grow into talking you out of creating music, it will say things like: ‘you can’t make beats, you’re not talented, or today is not a good day for making music for you’.

2) Make a worry or fear list: write down every single thing that is stopping you from daily going for your dreams. Next to each item, write down – is this something out of your hands or can you do something about this? Keep this list near by when you are making beats and tapping into your music creativity.

3) Move into a state of action: Take action and change what you can change. Stop focusing on the things you can’t do anything about.

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overcoming perfectionism

Overcoming Perfectionism and Nurturing Music Creativity

“The fear of doing things imperfectly turns what should be fun and creative endeavors into worrisome tasks.” -Chris Baty

Ah, the Inner Editor of perfectionism…we all have one. Some of us know how to keep this guy in a straight jacket but others seem to let him bounce around the walls of our studio, whining and complaining about every detail until he’s left us tired and uninspired. There’s a time and place to let your Inner Perfectionism have the reigns but when you’re first working on a production or creating new music it is not the time. As creative people we all have to learn the mental personality called the Inner Editor and choose to control him and use him what he’s made for: Editing.

If you are not editing but actually CREATING then the Inner Editing should be locked in your bathroom out of ear shot and not even a thought in your mind. If you have not mastered this, than it will take time. Like a heroin attack some of us love to over-use our Inner Editor any time, any place to critique and analyze our music and of course, others’ music. If this addiction is leaving you stuttering and drooling in front of your computer every night, than it’s time for rehab, my friend. Kick that Inner Editor to the curb and have some fun creating!

When you’re in the delicate stages of development you must resist the urge to edit vocals, doubt your melodies and second guess your sounds. You must keep in the flow and keep moving. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn to use your mistakes to make your tracks sound more creative and funky. Resist perfectionism and spend only moments on each process of creating and recording. Keep your Inner Editor gagged and bound and watch how much your creativity will flourish and grow and pretty soon you’ll be keeping company with a whole other, more enticing, more satisfying friend: Mrs. Creativity..

Mrs. Creativity and the Inner Editor don’t get along too well. They actually fight like cats and dogs and need to be treated completely differently. Mrs. Creativity is a diva, a goddess that needs pampering, a safe environment and lots of loving compliments. She enjoys being splurged on, fun toys and gadgets and revels in spontaneity. The Inner Editor on the other hand, has a type A personality, loves perfectionism, a rigid schedule to keep, and a keen eye for detail. Keep these two vital characters in separate parts of your brain and learn to use them to your advantage. When Mrs. Creativity comes and sprinkles magic fairy dust on every thing she touches, she’ll wine and dine you till you’re giggling like a school girl. Let her have her way with no rules and no restrictions, allowing her to play. Once she leaves, allow the Inner Editor to come in and clean and tidy up her mess. This is where the Inner Editor flourishes! Allow him to tweak and edit, refine your sound choices and clean up messy lyrics. He’ll have a ball working with all of Mrs. Creativity’s gold-spun art.

As you can see, these two mental characters can work together beautifully if you allow them their own space and regulate their coming and going. Learn to acknowledge and respect each of their timings and you’ll reap the rewards with a more balanced and productive  approach to your music. Overcoming perfectionism and nurturing music creativity for the hobbyist,  students or child geniuses will bring out the giftedness and talent in any music production, making beats and recording.

Tutorial: Overcoming Perfectionism and Nurturing Music Creativity
1) Schedule time to create and stick to it. Discard all phone calls, emails or personal distractions (lock your door). Do the same with your mind.
2) When creating, do not listen to the inner critic giving advice on edits, arrangements, how things should sound or any thoughts that are not on the subject of your current creativity/project.
3) AFTER, your scheduled time of creativity, bring the technical critic, think of what others might say, then find references to compare and make objective decisions on the technical work. Remember, creativity is at its perfection when it is first allowed to breathe, edited and then this process loops until you are truly satisfied with your work.

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music meant to inspire

Music is Meant to Inspire – so are you Inspired?

Often along the way we can forget why we are in this music thing. Why do we persevere through hard ships and annoyances? Why do we lust after gear and have a constant thirst for knowledge? Why do we sit through long hours of editing vocal tracks so they are perfect, and just right? And all the marketing, self promotion and boring business administration can leave us numb as we ask ourselves, “Why am I really doing this?” The answer is different for all of us but all musicians/artist can relate to this one simple truth:

Music is meant to inspire.

Let me remind you, that the things we all go through whether it is lonely heart-break, economic struggles, political unrest, or health problems, someone out there needs to hear what you have to say on the subject. Often times, when I’m challenged by something, I go to my guitar or drum machine and after playing a few chords I can be real with myself and suddenly all these lyrics come typing or scribbling out of nowhere. Sometimes though and I don’t mind admitting, it takes some time to sit down and write that song because I know I will have to face what I am feeling.. but therein lies the true purpose for music.

When we write and create, something inside of us heals. When those song phrases are formed a deep longing in our hearts is satiated. We can sigh a breath of relief as melody and rhythm soothe our agitated souls. The true miracle in all this is that something we do for our own sakes and our own desire can deeply affect others in a massive scale. If you are a really good songwriter or producer you have the ability to compose a piece that will draw others into what you are feeling and thinking. In turn, this mirrors the fact that we all feel and think the same things, have the same emotions, joys and hurts. This common thread keeps us together as humanity fights to tear us apart. We are all so different but inside we are very much the same.

So, I’m writing this to encourage you. No matter where you are in life and what you’re going through, the world needs to hear your unique contribution, your unique perspective and touch. That is why we go through all the drama, the up-hill battles, the critiques and the demos. We are meant to capture and comment on life. We are meant to live our lives to the fullest, breathe it in and record it. Feel it, experience it, and then perform it. Not everyone can do this! And I know sometimes it’s easy to forget but if you have been blessed by music talent than you have an obligation to the world. You have been put on this earth to inspire people with your creativity. Good music brings us all together in harmony and makes us feel like we’re not alone. This is exactly what this world needs more of..

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creativity thanksgiving

Unblocking Creativity during Thanksgiving

If you are frustrated, stressed or extremely busy, all these can hinder your creativity for a  few days or for a few months. Especially around the holiday season, it can be very challenging. The goal is to prevent any type of creative hinderance so you can keep moving forward in your pursuits.

Here are 5 tips on how to stay creative during the holidays:

1)    Comparison – Being in the information age with constant updates, tweets, facebook and more, it’s so easy to think that someone else’s life is better than yours. If we get too busy looking at what the next person has, we can forget to be thankful for what we have. There’s always going to be someone who has more and someone who has less. Instead of comparison, think on ‘what makes your life special and unique to you and only you’? Be thankful and think on those things instead. This ultimately will help keep you focused and creative to get you where you want to go on a daily basis.

2)    Attitude of Entitlement – It’s easy to think we should be further along than where we’re at. Other times its easy to slip into being ungrateful for what we have. This tends to follow comparison. When comparing yourself to others in where they are at in life or what they have, the attitude of entitlement can tempt you into becoming discontent. Shake this off. Instead, look around your studio, your friends and family and focus on the good things. Truly give thanks for the bare necessities that are easily taken for granted. You’ll soon find a new found source of energy and creativity.

3)    Think about What You’re Thinking About – Anyone who’s worried all day long knows how to meditate – that is, meditation on worry.. So what have you been meditating on lately? Are you keeping your mind on positive things as soon as you get out of bed…and throughout the day? Or are you sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts? Spend 15 minutes thinking about what you’re thinking about. Be honest with yourself and let it be ok to have negative thoughts. Process them and then move on. Think about what you’re thinking about… see how much better you feel and turn your negative thoughts around to thanksgiving.

4)    Relationships – Relationships can make or break the holiday season. Focus on bringing new life and love into your relationships this Thanksgiving. Surprise that special someone with flowers or jewelry…bring your mom a sweet potato pie. We can’t go through life with catcher’s mitts on both hands. You’ve gotta be able to throw something back once in a while. Thinking of others can lift heaviness or irritation and introduce a new found spark of creativity.

5)    Watch what you Speak: – So what do you hear yourself speaking about? Are you speaking your dreams and goals or do you gripe and complain to anyone who will listen? What you say knowingly or unknowingly effects your creativity. Do a test on this. Speak good things about yourself and music for 15 minutes and see how much more inspired and creativity you feel.

In summary, think about what you’re thinking about. If focused on negativity or pessimism scares away creativity and the ‘good vibes’ you need to transfer to your music and inspiration. If you’re having trouble getting a music kick start during the holidays, take 15 minutes and try a few of these steps to get back into your creative vibe.

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