Are you a Follower or Leader in the Music Industry?

"The function of the creative artist consists of making laws, not in following laws already made" (Ferruccio Busoni)

There are two types of songwriters, music producers and artists: The follower and the leader. The Follower: Will work very hard to write what is the hottest trend, write about familiar subjects that are commonly heard on the radio or in music, produce similar sounding productions or emulate different styles of music.

The Leader: Will intuitively look beyond the norm, push boundaries, will listen for what is not heard, will analyze and change up things with a driving passion, take chances with results sometimes ending in things either really great or really whack and will shoot to be a trendsetter.

Being a follower or leader is not wrong, just different - each role has its purpose and place. Not everyone is supposed to be a leader and not everyone is supposed to be a follower. However, when you find out which one you are, it will help you determine how to network and who you need in your circle to achieve your goals.

Take the Music Tutorial Article: Are you a Follower or a Leader in the Music Industry?

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Music Industry Sales for Independent Artists

For the past 10 years we have heard the doom and gloom about music industry sales decreasing and music piracy increasing. Well for once in the past 10 years I came across these Music Industry Sales Stats and this info is especially inspiring for independent artists.

If you look at these Music Industry Sales Stats, it is quite exciting to see that independent labels are ranked #4 as one of the 'big four' top contenders who own the music industry. Numbers are numbers and speculation is speculation but just think..

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How to be a Pioneer in the Music Industry

Pioneers are innovators, the people on the cutting edge of research. They thrive on new beginnings and uncharted territories. They look for new ways of doing things and offer a fresh approach to new models. Pioneers are few and far between. Most people are followers but pioneers are free-thinkers, researchers of truth and radical in their creativity. They are born to question and made to give answers to life’s most unsolved problems.

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