Music Making Month – Pro Mixing Tips part 2

From Bjork to Sheryl Crow, Gary Bromham has worked with a best-of list in pop music over the years. His experience on large format mixers at Olympic Studios in London gives him a unique insight on how to approach mixing in Record 1.5’s large mixer. We’ll be talking live with Gary to see how he mixes and the very musical decisions that one faces during such a technical endeavor.
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Cool questions, great information.

If you feel this has nothing for you then you need to go back and relearn what you think you know. With a basic understanding of mixing you will see what they are doing and why. This kind of info has cost people a sum in the billions over the years to have, now it's for free here and you don't know what to do with it…..

Just wanted to say, I've learnt probably more about mixing from these two videos than I have from just about anywhere else apart from an actual full course I went on (But the course had the advantage of having more like 30 hours to do it rather than 2, and was not free like this!)

So much incredibly useful information packed in, really can't begin to say how helpful it's been!
Sorry to gush but really wanted to say thank you!

count how many times Gary says absolutely.
gogogogogo xD

hahahah u r an idiot šŸ˜€

I can't stop watching these vids! The learning.

Yes, see the comment below. If you search it in Youtube you can find it. Better audio and clearer explanations of what Gary's doing on the console.

there is a much better version of this talk if you search 'Reason 6 mixing masterclass mit Gary Bromham', youtube won't let me post the link for some reason. I'm sure it's ignorance on my part.

I liked… it stop being such dicks.

@Bhodisatvas you hit the nail on the head. I didnt learn shit from this guy.

I'm sure Gary is an an excellent engineer/mixer but using him in a 'teacher/tuturial' situation was a fail by the props…he waffles and waffles and either the lesson gets lost in tangents he goes off on or he fails to explain key points of why he is doing what he is doing. Please props next time you bring someone in to talk about mixing and mastering make it someone who sticks to the point at hand.

@BudgeBurnley There's an Invert Phase button on each channel of the SSL mixer (I think near the top). You might could try that and see if it takes care of the phasing problem.