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this video goes into what it takes to get higher level mixes, also how important it is to realize the difference between high end gear, and qualified engineers. The art of mixing is not a over night process to master, but it’s a lifetime of growing as a music professional

From Bjork to Sheryl Crow, Gary Bromham has worked with a best-of list in pop music over the years. His experience on large format mixers at Olympic Studios in London gives him a unique insight on how to approach mixing in Record 1.5’s large mixer. We’ll be talking live with Gary to see how he mixes and the very musical decisions that one faces during such a technical endeavor.


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Thanks for the positive vibe man.. That symphony is a beast.. F.Y.I

Thanks for sharing & explaining how & what your gear does. I love to learn from people like you. I agree from your last video on competing with yourself & not others. Working with music is about synergy in my opinion & it shows in the music (leave the egos for the stage lol) Not bad deal on the quick bounce through the Symphony I/O on the low. Keep the videos coming!

-Moshae Music


You should the other studio that I am going to start teaching and recording out of… demarcosschoolofmusic then the dot then the com.. we started working together on project, results are fantastic!

Studio's rad man. We'll be in touch Diz…

top comment for you! how is everything going..

At 23:14 does he switch high pass and low pass? I feel like I have to be wrong about this but Im not getting how high passing the bass and kick, and then low passing almost everything else is going to add bottom end. Arent the bass and kick the sounds that have the most low end? The interviewer even mentions that its taking out the sounds that arent really there, so maybe most sounds dont actually hit that high of a frequency? Im a frequency nub?

This is brilliant.. wish I'd heard it at the time.. this guy is a goldmine.. Would love to attend a seminar with this guy?

WOW thanks for giving R.E.M. credit…. nice?

Hey! thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about beat making program called Kinoteron Beat Turbo (google it), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you tried Kinoteron Beat Turbo? I've heard many unbelivable things about it and my work buddy finally can produce his own beats easily using it, but he refuses to tell me: (

I'm not sure if i should say this but Gary Bromham is my dad. lol

Interesting what he said about 3rd party software, especially considering the rack extensions now coming in with Reason. Informative interview! Thanks.

Simon Pegg's brother was very informative.

3:13 someone get me out of this box.

great info but shame the stream lagged like a massive laggy thing when reason is playing 🙁

i cant wait until the grandma glasses fad wears out. my god thats horrid

@sformandei that made me seriously LOL.

Did he tape op for Led Zepp's "Ramble On" by chance?