no housing no travel

Music Production School Housing and Travel: $0.00

Here’s the facts; you are in the 21st Century and because of the internet, how you record music, how you learn and how you communicate has changed.

Because of the internet, Your music production school education has changed.

When you Enroll with the Computer Music Production School, there are no additional travel expenses or hidden housing costs. There is no reason to change your living environment, find a school dorm room or apartment to live in while attending school.

Because of the internet,
your music school housing, dorms and travel expenses = $0.00.

You save money on housing costs, gas money and most importantly you save your time.

Because of the internet, you can learn everything you need to know about music production and audio engineering from your home, studio or from anywhere in the globe.

Why waste your time and lose information? Every day you waste is another day your music dream wastes away. As a CMPS student, your home studio is your music school.

With CMPS you do not pay expenses for a faculty or music equipment that you will never use again. You will utilize every dollar and every hour of your time to become the music producer and audio engineer you dream to be.

You can learn at your own pace in those missed hours you have coming home from work before going to bed.

The Computer Music Production School’s unique curriculum is proven to be the most affordable and the most effective in making sure your music education stays in your long term memory.

After completing the 7 Lesson Course: Become a Music Producer and Audio Engineer in as little as 7 Weeks you will write, produce, mix and master your own tracks within a few hours. This is our Music School Guarantee.

Because of the internet, your focus is not on how you get your music education.
It’s on getting results.
Like riding a bike or learning an instrument,
the Computer Music Production School will give you results for the rest of your life.

If there is anything we can help you with, setup a free training consultation below.