All-in-One Complete: 7 Lesson Course

Become a Music Producer & Audio Engineer: $2,500

1) You will learn the role and mindset of the artist, songwriter, producer, beat maker, recording engineer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer. We also help you develop your music business plan.

2) Work out of any studio, figure out any gear, write, record, produce, mix and master your own material to the ‘radio ready’ industry standard level, with your own equipment, within a few hours – Guaranteed.

Mixing and Mastering Course

Unlock Mixing and Mastering
4 Lesson Course: $1,500

1) You’ll get the perfect industry standard mix and master every time by learning how to take the role of the mix engineer and mastering engineer.

2) At the end of this course you’ll be able to mix and master your own material within a few hours – Guaranteed.

One on One Music Training Course

One on One Music Training
Courses: $50-$500

1) Pick any topic and gear and learn any music equipment that will get you closer to your goals.

2) You will learn about the following subjects: Mixing, Mastering, Music Production Tips and tricks, Compression, EQ, Effects, Recording Techniques, Music Business, Copyrights, Promotion, Networking, Marketing, Starting your own business, Songwriting, Sound Design, How to use the Akai MPC, Korg Triton, Yamaha Motif, Roland MV 8000, MV 8800 Drum Machines or any other equipment not listed here.

3) We’ll personally create a Custom Music Training Course to answer all of your questions, now.

Music Tutorials

The Free Music Tutorials and Articles on this site are designed to give you immediate results on a detailed and particular issue.

Make sure to follow the homework assignments with each tutorial to achieve the best results.

If you need further training or help in the homework assignment, enroll in a Music Training Course to get One on One Student Adviser Support and Consulting.

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