Lesson 1: Building your Studio and
Developing a Relationship with your Music Equipment

Listen to what you will learn in Lesson 1:

What equipment you buy is determined by what you’re goals are. You will understand the components that make up a music production and recording studio in today’s new music industry. How to setup a studio from scratch with any budget at any location. Understand computer music and music terminology. You’ll learn the different types and categories of music equipment, how they interface together and what equipment you need to invest in to last you for the next 5-10 years.

If you do not have any gear, no problem. This lesson will give you all the information needed to make your investment. We have done all the research so you don’t have to stress about the latest fads in technology. We will help protect your budget while getting the most professional equipment you can afford. With our student advisor support included, all of your questions will get answered by the end of this music course… Guaranteed.

Lesson 2: Music Production History, Setup, & Templates

Listen to what you will learn in Lesson 2:

You’ll learn how to connect your gear, the history of recording and how it is done now. How MP3’s and the internet have changed the music industry and where it’s going. You will learn the mindset of the artist and producer. What Midi used to be and what it is today. Learn how to unlock Midi using Hardware and Software Equipment. Creating projects and templates for every work flow and unlocking the software sequencer. This lesson is the pivotal lesson in creating your foundation for the rest of the music course.

Read a few of our Lesson 1 & Lesson 2 Review Interviews:

What part of the Lesson 1 and 2 helped you the most, what has been the most challenging for you and what is your feedback on your student adviser support?

In lesson 1 what helped me the most was i was forced to look at my visions and goals and break them down into individual tasks that i could break it down into individual tasks that I can complete one at a time and it helped me see what gear i would need and how much money it would cost me. This helps me feel not so overwhelmed with starting a business. In lesson 2, I learned how to set templates to help ease my work flow and speed up my sessions. This will definetly help me ease my workflow and speed up my sessions and also i felt the advanced music theory part was a good bonus. So far I’m loving the breakdown I’m getting, I’m learning somethings I didn’t know and also refreshing what I do know. i am also loving the student support because i always get quick and informative answers.

So far the course is everything i expected and more, and I cant wait to finish and put it all to use. The actual planning of my business and goals has been most challenging for me, I have never looked at my business so deeply. My student advisor support is always quick with his responses and always gets to the bottom of the issue, even if it takes a little digging I never feel like I have a dumb question! Lastly I also like how the adviser makes me find the answers to my own questions, I like to use my brain…lol -Joseph Janke, Euclid, OH, US

Simply put, this is what I was hoping for. A deep dive into everything music production and audio engineering. – DJ Yoshee, Atlanta, GA

Setting up my own home studio and the fact that all instructions were step by step and to the point. On a scale from 1-10 I give student adviser support a 10. So far this school has been a great learning experience! I cannot wait to dig deeper!
-Angelina Sinishtaj, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Lovin it learning a lot! lesson 1- getting more familiar with my equipment knowing what i have & what i need & learning music terms was cool.. lesson 2 templates definitely helped a lot. The Student Adviser support is the *@$! hes always been there when i needed an answer..ENROLL IN CMPS IF U WANNA LEARN ABOUT THE INS & OUTS OF MUSIC..JUST NOW GETTING THROUGH MY 2ND LESSON & IVE LEARNED A LOT…THANX AGAIN CMPS
-Cole Shields SLC, UT

The Adviser has always answered me in a timely manner. Even helped me when I was listening to others about pirated software, I just had to block those other people out and get what I paid for; and that is to learn from professionals, not someone who just picked this up a couple of years ago and now thinks he is a platinum selling producer.
-Jermaine Kelly, Elizabeth, NJ USA

I feel great its like being born again. Lesson1 the computer and interface/sound card, software engineering,  hardware, software sampler and also homework. Lesson2 all above. The student adviser is good at what he does please keep it-up. I hope all students work hard to achieve their goal. -Texman Agbon, Aichi-Nagoya-Japan

It helped cut my production time in half. I’ve Learned Quite a bit so far…things that should’ve been common sense to me before but I never thought about it before, which made it that much more simpler to learn. Everytime I’ve needed some help or had any kind of question the student adviser support was instant. -Jessie Jones, Elk Grove, CA

Mostly lesson 1 I’d say because its very knowledgeable on information that I never knew about before lesson one. I love this course so far. The support is always on time returning emails promptly -Alexie Diaz, Yorktown, VA

I learnt a lot ! SUPPORT IS HERE HERE AND HERE 😉 Whenever I need it 😉 Nuff said 😉 -Julien Rafenomanjato Toulouse, France

Excellent! I am beginning to see better productivity. Despite my general love for making music, I used to dread beginning a project. But because of the work flow and templates that I have learned, I am able to apply and continually enhance them to my many different creative approaches, all while not obstructing the creative process, resulting in the fruition of art, no longer accompanied by the daunting feeling of starting a project. My student advisor is very thorough when answering questions. He also checks up on me periodically on my progress and also checks to see if I have any questions. -Robert Contento, Manahawkin, NJ

I’m so into it that any road blocks wouldn’t be able to stop me.. Im glad I joined the course, I Love it. Getting to know my equipment, what i need and what i dont need and templates for lesson 2, i never knew to set my patterns up that way and that was important to me. The support is 10 out of 10, keep up the good work. -Keith McInnis Jr, Buffalo, NY

I feel real good about the course, its helping me to achieve things I didn’t think I could. Feedback is very important and the student adviser gives a lot of feedback and support. Learning what to buy and not to buy and setting up my studio and templates so I can work faster. Also, how to form a song. -Erica ‘Miss-E’ Young, EHT, NJ

Lesson 3: Becoming a Music Producer

Listen to what you will learn in Lesson 3:

You will learn all the available tools necessary to unlock the role and mindset of the music producer. You’ll understand what it takes to work out of any studio using any gear. You will not be taught the tools of music production but the language of music production so you can produce out of any studio using any gear. Get basic music theory, piano lessons, ear training, unlock sound design and the music production template. You will also unlock songwriting, music arrangements and how to create a track in an hour or less in this lesson.

Read a few of our Lesson 3 Review Interviews:

What are your thoughts on your sound design and music production so far, What helped you the most, and how has the course changed you so far – musically, creatively, personally?

I now know and understand the pathway of mastering sound design in a creative and effective way. This course has changed me and my ideas of being able to produce full tracks with a certain level of satisfaction from start to finish within a certain time frame. The basic music theory and playing within the key signature have helped me the most. How to bring the hooks up to par was the most challenging for me in lesson three. This lesson has expanded my mind and I feel that a door has open to me as far as completing tracks. Before I surely didn’t know if I could reach certain expectations that I have musically wanted to achieve but now I know that it is possible to reach these goals realistically and more effectively. -Jean Pierre Hegeman, Chino Hills, CA

Good, very good. It has improved so much since taking the class. The Basic Music Theory and Ear Training has been the most challenging. It changed me a lot because now I know what my music been missing and how to make it sound better. and when I go back and listen to my music before the class, I think to myself: “what the hell was I thinking or doing” -Erica ‘Miss-E’ Young, EHT, NJ

The music mindsets, workflow and info about spending too much time on something in particular such as arranging or sound design has helped me the most. Musically I’m a better listener when hearing music. Creatively, starting a project no longer causes bouts of anxiety, and personally, I feel that I am getting closer to feeling prepared for any given opportunity in the field. -Robert Contento, Manahawkin, NJ.

I’m more focused on my goals. I now know exactly how to create a song from A to Z as regards composing and arranging 🙂 Changing my habits… Working with a template, using song structures has been the most challenging for me… -Julien Rafenomanjato Toulouse, France

It has changed me creatively and personally. My skill in sound design is improving through the information obtained through this course. I’ve always had difficulty knowing how to apply melodies and harmonies within arrangement and song structure. The section about instrumentation and “writer’s block” helped me the most. -Corwin Henderson, San Antonio, TX

I think I am improving a great deal. My production is sounding better already. The most challenging in this lesson would be learning all the uses and names of the different modulators. -Alexie Diaz, Yorktown, VA

I’m learning new schemes and tricks. Trying to come up with more melodies pushed me to do more and try different things and get better. -John Josue, Killen, TX

Lesson 4: The Role of the Recording Engineer

Listen to what you will learn in Lesson 4:

Lesson 4 will teach you how to unlock the role and mindset of the recording engineer, the science of recording hardware and software equipment including levels, tracking midi to audio, converting midi to audio, and sampling tricks. You will understand the Art and language of Recording live instruments, vocals, how to make vocal recording templates, music arrangements, seasoning and audio editing so you can record music from any studio using any gear.

Read a few of our Lesson 4 Review Interviews:

What has been the most challenging for you in Lesson 4, What helped you the most and how would you describe your confidence in recording so far?

I believe that my level of confidence has very much matured and evolved. In the beginning I became very challenged in the area of recording vocals/ full song lyrics effectively however after applying different techniques I soon understood how to overcome this specific challenge. I have achieved greater heights and have advanced in recording more efficiently and effectively. The main area which helped me in lesson four was understanding how not just to get an absolute perfect take but to compile and create the perfect take with the specific tools. -Jean Pierre Hegeman, Chino Hills, CA

My level of confidence is better then before the class. Now I’m not saying I’m some super producer as of yet, but I’m getting there and feeling better about my music. Recording, sampling and seasoning helped me the most. I really enjoyed getting into editing as well. The most challenging was the editing but once I got into it and kept doing it, I got better. -Erica “Miss-E” Young, EHT, NJ

I have gotten more confident in using my recording software to record great songs. What helped me the most is loop recording for vocals. -Alex Hurst, Victorville, CA

Traking midi to audio has helped me the most. I’m pretty confident to do some recording. -John Josue, Killen, TX

What has helped me the most is Stack Recording and learning about the crossfade function. Learning how to assemble a perfect take from multiple takes in my DAW has been the most challenging. -Robert Contento, Manahawkin, NJ

What has helped me the most is the Recording vocals section. -William Rowell, Waukegan, IL

Lesson 5: Demystifying Outboard Gear & Plugins

Listen to what you will learn in Lesson 5:

You’ll learn the tools of engineering and the language of outboard gear and plugins. You will understand the foundation and use of each category of dynamics and effects processing so you can use any equipment in any studio on any system. Whether it is hardware or software, you’ll know how to unlock compression, EQ, effects or any other new sound processing innovations in technology. Get the Industry Standards on Compression, EQ, Effects and Guidelines on shaping sounds, additional sound design processing tips and preparations for mixing. Understand how to use all the engineering tools and components so you can creatively and effectively work anywhere in the globe.

Read a few of our Lesson 5 Review Interviews:

How has your ear training improved since Lesson 1, what has helped you the most in Lesson 5 and how do you feel about your knowledge level of outboard gear and plugins?

It has been very productive and worth it (the course). Sometimes we need to hear something that we don’t always understand, but it is necessary in the process of becoming a pro at what you do. Prompt replies from my instructor. I feel we’re on the same page. Know they’re on my side. So far this course has done exactly what it promised it would do. In the beginning my instructor said this is not always easy work. You have to reach deep inside yourself and you know what if you want to become something in this business you have to realize you don’t know it all. I have learned more in this course than i think at any point in my life up to this point. Applying effects, ear training and getting a professional performance helped me the most in this lesson. -Sean McCready, London, Canada

It has improved significantly. I was able to identify the key of a sample I used in my last song, which is something that I wouldn’t have been able to do before.I now have a formula for success. I feel confident in knowledge of plugins. What helped me the most is my adviser constantly pushing me to go the extra mile so that my music will stand out above the rest. -William Rowell, Waukegan, IL

My ear training has greatly improved. Tracks have been created with greater focus, understanding and clarity. The part in the lesson 5 that helped me the most was gaining the knowledge of all plug-ins,  there uses, and experimenting with different effects and dynamic processing. I feel great about my knowledge level of outboard gear and plugins. I feel that I have a better understanding and knowledge of how to apply plug ins than I have ever had before. -Jean Pierre Hegeman, Chino Hills, CA

It has improved greatly. The Compression and EQ benchmark settings helped me the most. My ears can hear the difference in compression and eq adjustments. -Alex Hurst, Victorville, CA

Awesome! Pffttt. I hear all sorts of stuff when i listen to music now. It just jumps out at me. Learning how to tweak a kick, snare, and vocal track thru every plug-in helped me the most. -Robert Contento, Manahawkin, NJ

When i listen to a track.. it takes less time for me to work out the key. Knowing how to use EQ properly has helped me the most. I feel i have grasp using my plugins in my DAW. -Allen Chen, London, UK/Taiwan

I feel great about my knowledge and I look forward to acquiring more plug-ins so I can get some great sounds out of my synths. Learning compression and the purpose of effects processing helped me the most. -Stephenson Akinleye, Costa Mesa, CA

It has developed really good since lesson 1, I am able to hear different elements to mixing in industry material. Ducking and EQ cutting helped me the most. -Jared Powell, Gretna, LA

ALL OF IT. Wow, I feel like I know and understand all of that more since the class. The truth be known, I didn’t know exactly what plugins could do, but now its all clear to me. -Erica ‘Miss-E’ Young, EHT, NJ

Lesson 6: Getting the Perfect Mix Every Time

Listen to what you will learn in Lesson 6:

Learn all the tools, the role and the mindset of the mixing engineer. The evolution of the perfect mix, metaphysical mixing guidelines, shaping your mix, readying the drums, intriguing instruments, the secret to mixing vocals, the mixing environment, listening to your mixes, handling critics, family and friends. When completing this lesson you’ll be able to get the perfect mix in any studio on any equipment.

Read a few of our Lesson 6 Review Interviews:

What part of Lesson 6 helped you the most, what has challenged you the most and how has your overall music production, recording and mixing improved so far?

Focus and Boundaries. Everything goes so much faster and sounds professional. Getting contact with UK labels, the ability to get engineering and editing work, getting more people interested in my work. The door has closed on bad mixes and taking forever to make a track.
-Ann Hairston, New York, NY

I see the difference in quality and the amount of time it takes to produce. The client mix and remix helped me the most. Since I have began the course I have had an increase in clientele. -William Rowell, Waukegan, IL

The actual mixing… clearing space for the vocals and filtering which helped me out a lot when it came to making different instruments fit with in my mixes. I would have to say I am now comfortable to actually start recording artist in my studio and feel pretty comfortable with the end result… I see this as a future door opening for me being about to charge studio time because I am really comfortable with the whole process.
-Jared Powell, Gretna, LA

My arrangement and sound choices for my beats. Learning how to use the plug-ins properly and learning exactly what they are suppose to do. My friends are sending me tracks to mix since they have no idea how to do it themselves. -Stephenson Akinleye, Costa Mesa, CA

My sound quality. Learning how to do a remix, that was fun. -Erica ‘Miss-E’ Young, EHT, NJ

Preparation, Setup And Plugin Guideline + Metaphysical Guidelines. One door is currently opening as I met some DJ/producers from my local area and they would like me to work with them 😉 -Julien Rafenomanjato, France

Tremendously improved. Get the mix right by the third try at the most. The Opportunity to start my own business. -Alex Hurst, Victorville, CA

Lesson 7: Unlocking the Mysteries of Mastering

Listen to what you will learn in Lesson 7:

Learn all the tools, the role and the mindset of the mastering engineer. Mastering defined, the mastering room, tools and terminology, mastering platforms, unlocking the mysteries of mastering, the mastering template, creative mastering, mastering instrumentals and accapellas, final listening, working with clients, digital distribution, and the final process of order. After completing this lesson, you will be able to write, record, produce, mix and master your own material within a few hours.

Read a few of our Lesson 7 Review Interviews:

What part of Lesson 7 helped you the most, how was your student adviser support and how has your perspective on your music and the music business changed from when you started?

The tools recommended, unlocking mastering. The student adviser and feedback was top-notch and prompt, professional and concise. Through my adviser i learned many great lessons about myself and music production in general. I now can compete with other local producers in the field. I learned how to produce quality recordings right from my own basement studio. -Sean McCready, London, Canada

The entire lesson helped me to put the production process in perspective. What helped me was seeing why a lot of the prep work in the mixing phase was done and how everything came into play with Mastering. I was able to see the whole picture and why certain things were important in the beginning. I’ve learned that there are different phases or mindsets that I need to be thinking about in order to complete quality tracks with quickly. Also that in the music business there are many things that you can do yourself without having to seek help from outside sources. Anyone thinking about enrolling in this course would be surprised at how much you will learn within the first few lessons and how much you will grow musically, even if you have prior training in music. -Stephenson Akinleye, Costa Mesa, CA

Unlocking mastering and learnin how to adjust my overall sound with the master bus settings..I think the support is awesome.. even though I have a busy schedule at work, the adviser still worked with me and stuck in there with me to make sure I understood everything each step of the way….I am a whole lot more confident and ready to work with anybody…more comfortable with letting consumers hear my final product. -Jared Powell, New Orleans, LA

The Mastering. The support was very good. My perspective changed a lot on how to make music and what you need to get ahead in this business. -Erica ‘Miss-E’ Young, EHT, NJ

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