Custom Music Course Training FAQ
Custom Music Course Training FAQ
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    What is the difference between the mixing and mastering course and the one on one training?

    You'll learn how to unlock plugins outboard gear, processing, mixing and mastering in the mixing and mastering course. One on one training courses can be expensive if you're looking to learn all of those topics. If you only need to cover one topic, the one on one training course is ideal. Also check the music course placement overview for further details under the admissions section of the website.

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    I'm interested in a custom mixing and mastering course

    Our 4 Lesson Course: Unlock Mixing and Mastering is geared toward your schedule, goals and equipment and includes student adviser support for further customization. One on One Training Courses are designed to cover one specific topic per your request.

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    Hey guys, I'm really confident as a mixer, producer, engineer, my problems/blockages lie in the disciplinary side of sitting with one idea through the monotony and tediously laboring over the arrangement side of things without become a bit disenchanted/bored. Is there anything in your array of courses that could help me with this problem? I live in Melbourne, Australia.

    No problem at all. We can setup a one on one training course for you that will help your creative process, time management and remove distractions. Just complete the Get a Training Consultation Form and let us know exactly what challenges, frustrations or issues you have been going through. From there, we'll setup your custom course with a personalized one on one combination of Phone and Email training to walk you through the details step-by-step.

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