Music Production Tutorial: Making Beats with Battery

www.pointblankonline.net – Session 2: Shows you how to use midi files in Cubase SX and how to use basic functions in the software sampler Battery 2. This ses…
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how the hell do u get a drum pattern going with battery 3 ive never
experianced such a simple yet such a dificult task in all my life

Please turn down the music in the background at the beginning it’s annoying

This was really helpful!! Thanks, guy!! S

by the way those little blue things are scroll bars

who gives a sh*t? a computer is a computer, brand whores

you didn’t really ‘make’ anything, you just opened a midi file. lame.

this guys is a novice. What has OSX,Cubase or NI got to do with anything?
1. pcs out perform macs on all multi os D.A.W.S its proven so he should be
using logic to benifit at all from using a mac…. 2.Cubase is antiquated
and sluggish Ableton Live would be a much better alternative for production
even stienberg admits to haveing to completely rethink a large chunk for
Cubase 4. I’ll give you the NI one but to be fair they are the most “known”
vst producers. Peace Brian

I have had Cubase for 2 or 3 yrs and I still am not sure how to use the
damn thing….but you did an awesome job ! Do more please fustrated with

ok, ok. what am i hearing is s*it

Can you make beats within the Battery 3 standalone? If you can would mind
elaborating a lil bit, could you point me in the right direction.

Hmmmm… I just checked and this doesn’t happen in Battery 2 for me. In any
case, try turning the volume envelope on. As long as R (Release) is set to
0 it should always stop as soon as the key is released. Keep on making
music… šŸ˜‰

very good and informative thanks

where do you get vsts from ?? please can somebody help me !! thankssss

reason 4 is good but you need to get with the program – get your self
cubase 4 and some good vst’s like native instrument komplete 4 or the
vangard there’s loads to choose from

no reason = no VST yet you can use reason within lets say cubase with
rewire and use battery as a VST. reason has it’s own drum machine, that’s
enough for a guy like you.

this isn’t a production tutorial – it just shows you how to open files