Music production tutorial: Parallel drum buss compression | lynda.com

With parallel drum buss compression, you send a drum mix to a stereo compressor and blend it in under another mix. In this tutorial, explore parallel drum bu…


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Wow! This is the first time I actually understand what parallel compression
means and how to use it… Thanks a lot sir. You are an excellent teacher?

Thanks Larry. I am always amazed at how much you contribute to the
recording community. Thanks.?

LOL! Parallel compression on mixdowns?! No short cutting for me old chap! I
require complete control over every snare, every kick, the decay of the
crashes, the reverb of the hats, the pan, pitch & power of all the nuances
down to the N’th partial. If it works ok for you… no problem. ; ]
But I prefer to work detail into my mixes where ALL instruments are
concerned, so it speaks it’s intimate language to fellow musicians!?