Music Production Tutorial: T.I. & Jason Derulo Brass Stabs

Music Production Tutorial from ModernBeats Hit Talk: Creating Brass Stabs Using ‘Brass Elementz’ Hip Hop Samples from ModernBeats.com. The ‘Brass Elementz’ s…


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yo man thanks fo the tip i figured it out but im not sure on the kick do u
quantize the kick on grid and percussion coz i was lookin at tha loopset
looks like kicks are on grid and can u give an idea on how u create a
groove on drums

Hey BBS – have you abandoned Ableton – i see you using Reason more these
days. I like the new branding you got going on? Good luck, Beto

“Hi, I would like to know, when sequencing beats after quantizing the
melodies, do you offset them to get the feel or do you only offset the
drums? Because I hear a lot of groove, like in Drake’s beat “Miss Me” feat.
Lil’ Wayne. I’m trying to get that feel. I’m adding swing, what am I
missing? Should I slide things around?” See how much easier that was to

hie i wud like to know wen sequencin beat after quantizin the melodis do
you offset them to to get the feel or u only offset the drums coz i hear a
lof of groove like in drake beat miss me ft lil wayne and im tryin to get
that feel i do put the swing what i be missin shud i slide things around ?

@blackhoodsociety are you programing your beats by playing them in by
keyboard or drawing them in with a mouse? if you’re playing them in make
sure you don’t quantize to 100% and that should give you an awesome groove.