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Ahmadd Washington
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Honestly I cannot say enough about the class. I learned so much in the class. I owe all of my business to the class. I used to write songs and record them but when I would get to the mixing stage that would be a tedious task. Man it seemed like my songs never would sound like the songs on the radio. Then I began to search the website and they had a course on how to become a music producer and a studio engineer in just seven weeks and so of course I jumped on that cause the price was right and the timing was right. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to learn certain things cause I was working on an album and not just my album but other people album too.

So the class was just right for me. It taught me so much in just seven weeks. So man I owe so much to the class. I can’t do nothing but tell you. If you’re trying to take your music to the next level, you need to take this class because there are certain things you’re not going to know on your own. You need someone to tell you and teach how to eq a song, how to really mix it, how to master it and the class really teaches you how to produce. It breaks down production in a way I never imagined. Its taken my production to a whole new level. Now people call me to remix their songs and remix their tracks.

I could of never gotten to this point without this class. I can’t say enough about the class I have been really blessed by the class and my teacher was very patient. He took me from A-Z. No question was a stupid question. You can ask anything. I just want to encourage you to check out the class, get in the class, take your music to the next level like I have done. See you all later.

Michael Thomas
Lady Lake, FL
Listen to his Music School Audio Testimonial

If someone asked me about enrolling in the course, I would tell them that it is one of the best decisions toward their career in music production/business that they could make immediately. This course is an excellent value and the lessons are designed in a way to allow you to be self guided on the principles and techniques that are most important for you to grasp and master. When I first started this course I wasn’t sure that I would learn all that was promised in the syllabus. I actually learned more and now know the questions to ask to find out what I’m not so sure about. I feel that this course is an excellent start, a solid foundation on which to grow from and build on however far you wish to take your music career.

-Tuazama Saye


Well, to say that this course will help you as a producer is the understatement of the century. Before the course i was recording at a very low quality compared with even the least knowledgable producers. Now i can compete with some of the best locals in my area. This course is Life-CHANGING. If you take it and get through it, you will become a top-notch producer. I’m well on my way to that now. I couldn’t say that only a year ago. You will learn to unlock things like getting your studio in order, vst plug-ins, software sequencers, and mastering. It takes dedication, but anything great does. So if your ready to become an elite producer i suggest you take this course. I can’t say enough about the assistance I recieved on it. The advisor was always prompt and kept me in their thoughts throughout the course, I could tell they really wanted me to do well. I didn’t always hear what I wanted, but you have to challenge yourself to learn anything. The over-all cost is affordable, and you can  pay over time, which is great. Overall i’d give this course a 9.5 out of 10.

-Sean McCready

I wish I would have did this when I first started producing…  it would have saved me alot of money on unneeded equipment because of the myth better equipment means better sound… that’s the biggest lie ever told…

the student advisor and consultation during the course is awesome.. even though I have a busy schedule at work, the advisor still worked with me and stuck in there with me to make sure I understood everything each step of the way….

I would say do this course… Because it get rid of all bad habits and gives you the foundation that is much needed to build what ever production you wish and end with a product you would easily pay someone for.

I am a whole lot more confident and ready to work with anybody… more comfortable with letting consumers hear my final product.

-Jared Powell

Hey musicians,
I enrolled in the course about 3-4 weeks ago and I can tell you that I have already learned so much it is ridiculous. If you all have any questions let me know. Ed is an amazing teacher with an odd amount of patience, lol. I paid upfront to have the lifetime support. I feel like I have learned more spiritually which has pushed everything foward. Still have work to do. I have spent thousands on other instructors who are physically there and guess what , it feels more like Ed Ungar is right next to me everyday than any of these grammy award winning guys who call there teachings hands on. I am not getting a discount for saying this. This is the truth. If you want to be a producer this is where it’s at. My productions haven’t even been mastered and I am loving my newest track since joining. Yes, this class will have you getting goosebumps off of your own tracks. IT’S LIKE THAT!!! Let’s get this board jumping and show the world that we are the best…..the computer producers on this network.

-Adrian Pollard
Equipment: Imac 24″ 3.06 Ghz, Duet (Audio Interface) & Mbox2 min (Audio Interface), Liquid Mix, MV8800, Logic Pro 8, Cubase 4, Pro tools Le 7.4 (Post Production), Euphonix Mc Control, Rhode NT1000 Microphone.

..Before I started and completed the course I considered myself to be an aspiring producer with great ideas but lacking the know how of how to get them together professionally. By this I mean recording great commercial and marketable music. I remember so many years ago for instance, sending numerous demos off to labels and never getting a positive response. I already knew that the instrumental concepts were original and different but the overall mix was horrendous because I had not the faintest clue as to what I was doing in this regard. However, I would send the demos off anyway imagining that they would look past that and see the fresh ideas I was bringing to the table. Boy was I wrong!  Lol. If I only knew what I know now back then in regards to getting that professional sound from your own home studio…

-Alex Hurst
Victorville, CA, USA

“Great program! I’ve had nothing but success with this training. When I first started this training I couldn’t even get around my computer. I am now halfway through the course and am already producing hot tracks, recording artists in my town, and this is only halfway through the training!This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made and it has been SO much more affordable than the other schools I researched. The training has made it possible for me to fulfill my dream of being a producer/engineer.Thanks Blue Sound Studios and the Computer Music Production School for all your help.
-Wil Irizarry-
Equipment: Cubase SE, Reason, M-Audio midi controller, KRK Rockit 8

“What more can i say… GOTCHA NODDIN! I started Audio Production from GROUND ZERO. I have purchased beats and taken classes from the Computer Music Production School & GotchaNoddin.com. TOP HONORS.

I made a life decision between going back to get my masters in Audio Production or getting great Hands On Training from the Computer Music Production School. I chose CP after interviewing both on what I would get from the courses.

All I have to say is that their instructors are very detail, in depth training and great to work with. I WOULD TRULY RECOMMEND COMPUTER MUSIC PRODUCTION SCHOOL & GOTCHA NODDIN! A 5 Star Program and Beat Site!!! Gotcha Noddin… THANKS!”

-Minxx- Equipment: CubaseSX, Yamaha Motif, MPC1000, Digi002, Reason

“I searched around the internet for information on how to use the MPC 1000. I’ve bought books, asked in forums and then I came across the Computer Music Production School and their training packages.

I sent them an email requesting more information, and received a phone call the same day. The training package was customized to me and my needs in the studio. Not only did my trainer cover the MPC 1000, he also covered how to use it and other tools efficiently in my studio.

There was a lot that I “thought” I knew, but my trainer opened my eyes to a whole new light. He was great and I would definitely recommend him to others in need of guidance. THANKS!”

Orlando Robinson “Squalley”
Equipment: Korg Triton Pro, MPC 1000, Cubase SX3, Reason 3

“I just got done with a training session from Blue Sound Studios & the Computer Music Production School and I have nothing but good things to say.

I was having trouble getting started with some of the features on my MPC1000 and GN technical support helped me sort through some of the technical sludge that had been slowing me down. Plus they provided me with some good tips on how I could work smarter and make the whole process a lot more of a creative experience.

If I hadn’t gotten the help I got from them I’d probably be wheeling through my MP’s interface and scratchin’ my head for god knows how long. Y’all are doin’ good things and I really appreciate the help!”

-Jonathan Pippenger- Equipment: MPC 1000/Pro Tools/Reason/Ableton Live

“These guys are the best at what they do and if you want to be the best jump on board with em! The samples are off the meter, customer service legendary, they go beyond the norm to help you out. Best oppurtunity I came accross in a long time!”

-LC Shelton, Arizona
Equipment do you use: Cubase SX3, Reason 3.0, Yamaha Keyboard, and a few others

The training I’m getting from Blue Sound Studios & the Computer Music Production School is great. They really know what they’re talking about and make you feel really comfortable. The training is very understandable, and it doesn’t make you feel stupid or don’t know what you want in life. If anyone is having trouble understanding their equipment, or anything w/their music, Gotchanoddin.com is the place to come. The first time I visited their web site, I got a good feeling from it. Not only is the training great, but if you need sounds or beats, their music library is the best I heard, and trust me, I been on alot of different web sites, and nothing grabbed me like this one. So, if you need beats or sounds, or you need training, give these guys a call or e-mail them and they WILL get back to you in a timely fashion (That’s what I liked). Computer Music Production School and Gotchanoddin.com has it going on and they know their stuff. So stop thinking about it and just do the dam thing!…….Peace”>

-Erica Young

“I was a new beat maker frustrated with waiting on others to make beats for me. I began training with the Computer Music Production School & Gotchanoddin and learned how to be a producer, instead of just a beat maker.

I believe this company can help you reach your dreams with making music. I would recommend this company to everyone I know. The training is very comprehensive and flexible. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-Timeless- Equipment: MPC2000XL, Kurzweil K2VX, Reason, Cubase, Wavelab.

The training sessions really helped me a lot. When I started I knew nothing about music or computers, but the one on one training played a huge part in me picking it up as fast as I did. There was absolutely no pressure. I was able to learn at my own pace in a comfortable environment and I was never left with unanswered Questions”

-Aubrey Bruton- Equipment: Cubase SX, Reason

“The class was great! I really learned a lot to perfect my craft of making a beat from start to finish including mixing and mastering the track with vocal production!”
Namiah Williams; mpc 2000xl, korg triton extreme

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