Part 1 of 2: Misha Mansoor’s Drum Programming Tips

In this two part series, I go over some tips and tricks on how I go about programming drums. This video covers some basic fundamentals, while Part 2 will go a little more in-depth. Part 2…
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I think the part I’m struggling with the most is that I’m on a budget and
I also don’t know what to buy. I’ve used the demo version of Battery 3 for
a while but it shuts off every 30 minutes before I get a chance to find a
set up that I can tweak and learn with, I literately have to try setting it
up every time over and over again. Does anyone know of a free vst I can use
where I can download drum samples and create a kit? Or am I only going to
get something like that from buying Metal Foundry/Battery??

Hey Misha, nice video tutorial and some awesome tips there. Question, can
you play drums yourself to the same level as the beats you program? Just I
want to get into songwriting prog metal, I only play guitar/bass and I’ve
never played anything more than a simple 4/4 beat on a real drumkit, so my
knowlege of metal beats is pretty obscure. If your answer is no, then its
great to see you don’t need to be a drummer to still get creative with the
drums which is inspiring for me to start my solo project.?

If anyone owns both the Metal Machinery expansion and the Metal Foundry
Expansion for superior drummer would you recommend getting both or just one
or the other? ?

You should do a playthrough of the song “fUF: YEAH?

Dude.. your teaching skills are level expert.. and so is your
attitude/coolness.. thank u so much for this video. Helped me a lot..?

Thanks so much for doing this, I think last video myself and many people
requested this. Can’t wait for Part 2, and to use all this new info!?

Noob Question: I use to work in cubase (now i’m reaper bc my pc is shit)
but, i wanna ask, that drum map was created by the SD or by yourself? I
Mean, you named each button on the piano roll or SD does that work by its

Nice video btw, i use Guitar pro to program the midi and then i fix that
“realistic touch” in the daw, but thanks for posting this!?

how did you manage to keep your volacity high each time you click on the
snare line???

“You cant hit two cymbals and a snare” Jojo Mayer.?

Please do a tutorial on how to route your drum samples to the drum editor
in Cubase. Or anybody else that knows how? Even just a quick reply to this
comment will help. ?

Can i get this type of snare with metal foundry??

Heavy Heart demo in background at the end??

I think the only thing I don’t like about composing a whole set of drum
tracks on a beta box is that then you can have a very hard time finding
anyone who can manage to play it for real.. So for making music for fun
it’s great but if you start working hours and hours to come up with great
tracks for your next band rehearsal you may end up with some bad surprise
especially if you aren’t a drum player yourself.

I personnaly would prefer using it only to keep track of beats that I’ve
come up with directly on the drum so that I can come back and remember what
I did a couple weeks ago.?

Misha, as an aspiring prog artist with no literal friends who listen to the
genre or are aficionados like I am, this is a god send. Drummers are a
rarity, and I don’t know anyone willing to play something other than
metallica covers. I Just got an axe fx2, and looking to get FRFR’s but I’m
almost always broke. Thanks so much for this. Looking forward to what you
put out next. ?

Dude you have some Nice Gear. Where do you work? lol Thats a great tut on
programing drums you are a great teacher you are really proficient w/it.
What other DAWs have a drummer “piano roll” for MIDI? I use PT & BFD & EZ &
the drums name never show up in the MIDI editor like Cubase.?

“I don’t want anything that’s a complete pain in the ass for a drummer to
Basically the entire first album from Animals as Leaders is a pain in the
ass to play, but a really really awesome pain in the ass.?

Anyone know of any drum programs I
can snatch online for free? not looking for the
best one out there, just something a lone guitarist
can jam along with. appreciated?

Hey Misha!! Could you put up a video on mixing and getting tones?!?

awesome vid, I’m just starting out in this and this has been one of the
most instructional videos I have watched, sub’d. ?