Pro Tools Production Tips – (Mixing and Mastering)

Pro Tools Production Tips - (Mixing and Mastering)

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In this pro tools production tip, Shawn Vela (velavisuals.com) demonstrates a basic understanding of mixing and mastering music for beginners. Remember, our channel is for beginners as well as more advanced “do it yourself musicians” so please be respectful of everyone’s questions. If you have specific questions please comment your question and we will do our best to respond either by commenting back or who knows, it could be a video. New videos every friday.
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What you do in mastering really depends on the song. You need to listen to it first and decide what needs to be done. You can't just wack a preset on something and expect it to sound good?

I make tracks in FL 10. what export setting I need to set them before sending the beat to PT 10

Hey man great video! I am ready to master my song, but I am confused on how to get my song "fully mixed and neutral" like how you had your file as one file and not a bunch of different tracks. I'm new to pro tools so I'm just practicing. I'm ready to master, but I don't know how to get it "neutral" like you had it. If you could can you show me step by step? Thanks man!

Do vocals always have to get mastered?

if the song is already mixed , when going through the mixing process, do you still master the vocals?

Really really helpful man. I was just wondering how to go about doing this today. Thanks.

i use nuendo by steinberg and my mixed (not mastered) usually never goes past 6

Cool vid. Thanks for the tips.