Quick and easy mastering fix in Ableton

In this video I show you a quick and easy way to “master” your tracks. What I use is Multiband Dynamics, Compressor and a Limiter. This is not really mastering, but it will help to make your track louder and give it a more dynamic feel.

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Indie music tips with Thaddeus Moore of Liquid Mastering in which we discuss – mixing, mastering, a competition – which has full details on the link below, avoiding digital disaster and buying high end speakers amongst much more.
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Joli petit accent belge 😉
On va essayer ca, thanks?

Thank you. I will try this once I get back from work. I have a song that's extremely quiet because of the mix and I want to make it louder without it clipping.?

Thank You, very helpful 🙂 the only thing i don't understand, 🙁 why did you change 50,100,150 and the above 1.5 / 1.5 / .5 what is it for ??

can someone explain to me what he's changing in multiband dynamics? when he's adjusting the numbers.?

Great  job bro! Thanks for the tips! 😀   #BRAVO?

Can I do those steps using a exported wave track from another DAW, like FL Studio??

Hello. Thank you very much! When I listened my Ableton Project on my MP3-Player I was very often disappointed, because it doesn’t sounds well. Now they sound much better and this Mastering is not complicated. Greets?

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