Recording Guitar In FL Studio [Tutorial]

In this tutorial I talk about recording electric guitar in FL Studio. I’ll cover the basics, as well as the technique known as double-tracking. If this video was helpful, don’t forget to give…
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Hello,thanks for the video.I have question(a problem actually).I’m
recording into playlist just like you did but after recording it can’t show
me the soundwaves.I mean,its seem recording but actually it isn’t.When I
record with Edison,there is no problem.What can be the problem ??


That annoying hum when you use the Hardcore after your guitar has
strummed…yeah i can’t fix that. The right part of your song didn’t have
that Hum in it. How did you get rid of that hum? ?

Hey Bro… How can i record guitars with different patches in the same
project…. I mean i tried recording a simple guitar part once for like
30sec (this recording is clearly visible in the playlist).

However, i needed to complete the song by adding another patch (second
guitar part) from Hardcore Fruity Loop or any other. When i try to record
the second guitar part in the same project, the first guitar part also
plays, hence interrupting greatly.

I want to record both the guitar parts differently and merge them in the
same project. Is it possible? Can you specify and help me accordingly??

how do you make the guitar not disgustingly hiss? ?

are you dave mustaine? lol thanks for the tut! ?

I’ve got the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and I cannot for the life of me figure
out how to get it to work properly with FL Studio….
When I record as you do, into playlist as an audio clip, it only records my
drums, not my guitar??

Your audio line input, is it built-in for laptop? or do you have any other
hardware? USB??

I appreciate you using only FL Studio’s default VST’s, but you need a Noise
Gate, some Noise Reduction with De-Hiss (to help remove the 60 cycle hum),
and perhaps a Compressor (used with great caution of course), all of which
are available in Guitar Rig ( I saw it in the drop down box haha…).

okok, BUT: how to record MORE different riffs??

you sound like andy biersack. ?

I’ve recently been hearing a Beep Beep beep beep constant sound when I plug
in my USB-guitar out port. Any ideas? ?

Thanks, nice tutorial. Good to see real Music in FL Studio… 😉 Not just
crazy filtersweeps-wobblewobble-powow..?

What interface are you using??

Love the work man!
However, would you mind explaining exactly how can I record a chord
progression and then use that chord progression to record a solo over it!?

Hello! your tutorial is mighty helpful, but im using a rocksmith cord, I
can hear my guitar via my output (speakers) i would love some help on this,