Reharmonising A Melody Note (Jazz & Songwriting Guitar Lesson JA-034)

Reharmonising A Melody Note (Jazz & Songwriting Guitar Lesson JA-034)

In this lesson I’ll show you a cool trick I use for reharmonising a melody, most often I use it for songwriting but it’s a kinda jazz concept. More info on the web site. Taught by Justin Sandercoe…
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you’re playing with nails is like with 5 plecs on your fingers..)) why’s
that ..?
how often you’re visiting manicure works??)))))?

Thanks Justin, that has been very enlightening. Now to practice my

What happened to your fretboard? Several bad dents and what a shame.

In fact my brain does hurt now!!! But thanks for the lesson, enlightening
as usual. What model and year is that ES?

“if can stretch that far” …

Dude, your fucking awesome. Thanks for the lesson!

What happened to the Blackbird lesson???????????

5 almost 6 years since i first started watching your vids and im still
learning stuff from you. cheers man, thanks for your commitment over all
these years :).

Just take them from this one. But: there are I think two lessons on minor
and major chords. Just look for them here.

loooooooooooooooooooooooved it!!!thaaanks alot

Some one pleeeease do a lesson on how to achieve a nice jazz tone ,eq
settings pedals etc

This is exactly what i need.

great stuff Justin, not much else til say, thanks for posting…

this is so true. Know your theory if you want BUT learn to build chords
around a note in familiar shapes and train your mind/ear to know what sound
you will get. Then do it ALL by musical preference. Fastest way to get

I think Justin taught Katie Melua to play guitar and not the opposite 🙂

“The more ya think, the more ya stink”……Love it… Thanks for all your
lessons Justin. Great info and long time subscriber. JM

Justin you are a boss. Best teacher around.

i want to say it is to dampen the 3 higher strings