massaging creativity to finished beat

Massaging your Music Creativity into a Finished Beat

“Creativeness often consists of merely turning up what is already there.”
(Bernice Fitz-Gibbon)

At first, being creative is a very subtle entity… It is that voice and those thoughts that quietly give you amazing song and musical ideas… Sometimes, the mind is too noisy or busy to understand. Sometimes, it’s easy to hear but not listen – We hear ideas but don’t write them down. Other times, there are ideas that have potential, but need massaging. These ideas usually visit you the most often and often get neglected the most too…

The process of massaging your music creativity starts with ‘intent listening’ when inspiration speaks. Then take action.

By turning down inner noise and focusing on those abstract, crazy, and very personal ideas, more music creativity and possibilities begin to unfold. When you are open and always listening, more ideas can be heard. Very rarely to often times never is a great song or music production ‘inspired to perfection’. They are handcrafted, reconstructed, and massaged to perfection – massaged to sooth the ears of others…

Massaging your Music Creativity into a Finished Beat is a process which begins with ‘turning up’ what you may miss on a daily basis, capture it, and then edit it to excellence. The power of rewriting and editing is beyond comprehension. New lyrics, different rhythms & rhymes, new melodies, entirely different arrangements, or new music can all be added to or subtracted from any composition… The problem most have is holding on to their baby in fear of change, fear of it maturing, fear of becoming something bigger and greater, fear of success…

Tutorial: Massaging your Music Creativity into a Finished Beat:

  1. Constantly capture your new ideas
  2. Edit and re-write your ideas until you push your own personal boundaries.
  3. Take a break from starting new material until all your beats and songs are finished.

This process will keep you from having ‘thousands of unfinished beats’.

Massage your music production until you are ‘caught’ up and can finish one beat at a time before moving to the next one. This will keep you super charged creatively and also give you a hefty beat catalog.

By the practice of massaging your muscles of ideas, songwriting and music productions can transform from infancy to maturation overnight.

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