USB Mixer Recording – Tutorial

Louis shows you how to record audio with a USB mixing console. If you want to buy a mixer like this please use the link below, it means I get a small amount …
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Does it do multitracking recording? I mean – one track per line? Thanks?

so then, i can save money by recording into the line in splitting L n R as
2 inputs, record into my software a raw un eq’d sound, and do all the eqing
from that.so not realy usefull for a studio apart from having to unplug one
instrument then plug the next in. I even emailed alesis customer support to
ask my question and they didnt even know weather i could record 2 tracks or
individual tracks.!! im buying a tascam us 1800!!?

Plugging in my usb mixer like that only gives me the left channel. and i
can only pan stuff to the left. i wouldnt get any sound at all if i pan it
to the right. why is this? should i be using rca cables to get stereo?

is it currently possible to use a digital mixer that has only one usb
connection but later in PC separates many USB Audio Codec base on the
amount of the channel? My goal is to have an independent track for each

Same question as Polosev. Can you really individually record a each band’s
instrument? The questions is because I have done some research and I have
found these USB mixers output only a stereo signal, therefore you cannot
record each instrument individually.?

My laptop isn’t identifying the recording device the what i shell do ?

X1204 mixer+T.bone sc 400+Acer laptop! ?

I own Behringer X1222 USB mixer.

When i recording i hear double voices in my headphones how to fix it please
help me ??

I think you need to invest in some acoustic foam tiles?

I have a Behringer XENYX X1832USB USB Mixer with Effects and am having
trouble getting it connected to my computer to record a full band (8
tracks). I have seen somehwere that an art usb dual pre could act as a
bridge to the computer and I can record fine from there. is this correct?
Will it let me track more than 2 lines at a time? thanks for the help?

so i have a USB microphone would there be any way to connect my mic to that
mixer? or any mixer??

Hi i am try to setup a podcast show and have 3 Blue Yeti microphones ( they
are USB ) so i there anyway i can get 3 in a mixer at the same time also
what cable would i need to get the usb in the mixer ??

do i need an audio interface and a mixer or does the mixer serve as the

can i use this usb mixer to play my music on Adobe Flash Media Live
Encoder 3.2 and mic ty …..?

HI I am thinking of recording audio books what would I need as a minimum to
do that to give me a professional sound? Thanks.?

you quote” you can record band sessions and multiple mic inputs” is this
to individual tracks on the software or is it just to a stereo track at

Could you go more into detail as how you installed all the software for the
mixer. You see I bought a Behringer QX1202USB and I couldnt get it to work.
It was a total cathastrophy to the point that i now have to send my mac get
fixed since in my attempt at installing everything I did something that
wont allow my mac to boot properly.?