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The Music Industry has Changed and Now the Dreams and Goals of Independent Artists are
within Their Reach.

Learn to Produce, Mix and Master Radio Ready Music on any Equipment. Start your Successful Music Business Today. Request a Free Training Consultation and get direction on what course will best help you achieve your goals in the music industry.

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Music Courses Overview

We offer two unique and intensive music courses and a customized solution for specific topics and gear:

Become a Music Producer and Audio Engineer: 7 Lesson Course,
Unlock Mixing and Mastering: 4 Lesson Course. We also offer a customized One on One Music Training Courses. From beginner to advanced, learn how to get radio ready industry standard results and also develop your music business plan.

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Training Event

How to Make Money in the ‘New Music Industry’ Training Webinar.
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The training webinar features discussion for musicians to learn how to generate passive and multiple streams of income, how artists and musicians can master their skills as an entrepreneur and how to gain exposure with the the right people working for their team.

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How to Create your New Music Industry Business Model Training Course.
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Attendees learn a practical step-by-step approach to creating their own music business, how accounting works for musicians, discovering a new approach to record labels, distribution and more. (Reg. $200, Now Only $49.99!) Prerequisite Training: Making Money in the New Music Industry
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Music Production School Guidelines

Whether you have equipment or not, we will show you step-by-step how to build a studio from scratch. Lesson by lesson, we will teach you how to use every hardware or software equipment available - guaranteed. You can take this course in as little as 7 weeks, 7 months or as long as you need. It is designed for the fast paced person. Unlike other schooling methods, if you have to go out of town, need extra time on homework or your schedule changes, you will not lose any information. Contact us to speak with our students, ask questions about the course and get more info. Get a Free Training Consultation

Computer Music Production School

Learn at an Audio Recording School in Florida, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, Paris or anywhere else in the world. The Computer Music Production School offers intensive music production, engineering, mix engineer and mastering engineer training on how to build your own studio, complete your own music productions and start your own music business in one solution. Also unlock mixing and mastering or take one of our custom music courses. Learn how to make Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Reggaeton, Electro, Trance and House Music Productions. Speak with a Student Adviser