All-in-One Complete: 7 Lesson Course

Become a Music Producer & Audio Engineer: $2,500

1) You will learn the role and mindset of the artist, songwriter, producer, beat maker, recording engineer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer. We also help you develop your music business plan.

2) Work out of any studio, figure out any gear, write, record, produce, mix and master your own material to the ‘radio ready’ industry standard level, with your own equipment, within a few hours – Guaranteed.

Music Production and Engineering Courses

7lesson_planAll-in-One Complete: Mentoring Programs

Become a Music Producer & Audio Engineer, Website Pack & Internet Marketing: $60/mo, $100/mo, $200/mo

Program 1: All in One Complete 7 Lesson Course
-Enrollment Qualification Required
-Make Beats, Record Vocals, Unlock Plugins
-Unlock How to Mix and How to Master your Music
-Learn how to better Manage your Time
-Student Project Management System & Student Support Center Included[...] Read More

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