“In The Box” Mastering Tutorial with Pro Tools 9 and Waves Plug-ins

This tutorial demonstrates several techniques for mastering different types of music in the home studio. We are using Pro Tools 9 and several Waves plug-ins, including Linear Phase EQ, Linear Phase Multi-Band Compressor, L316 Limiter, PuigTec EQ model, and more! Rap track provided by http://www.youtube.com/YourBadAtRap


Don't know what the down thumbs are for. This was a very informative video. Thanks for taking the time.?

this is one of those videos that will change your life haha…seriously i just messed with the Paz Analyzer , Puigtee Eq, and the L316 and it brought my track to life.?

Good feedback. I do that sometimes too. Depends on if the whole mix is dull or if just one instrument is dull or if one instrument needs more volume, etc.

I add all plugins after recording. Otherwise there's latency and other issues.

I congratulated myself that I find this video. It helps me alot. thankyou for sharing.
can you tell me how many track you use and what they are for, list of plugins used for each track?

I'm working with waves plugins, too. great sound!
and thanks for this tutorial, it really helped me out!
one question: what's that plugin called which you have on your TV screen at the right side (frequency responses etc)?

when you first record your songs do u need to put already the plugins or just recording first then plugins the second like the vocal do i need to put reverb in a recording session or later after when in a mastering session thank you sir God bless

The best part of the tutorial was the doubler.

Good tutorial video of "In the box" mastering…..

Instead of boosting the highs so much in the mastering session, I would remix the song to try to bring those highs out. Maybe turn up the dulcimer a little bit.

Just my 2 cents.

Very articulate and to the point!

I currently use a Retina MacBook Pro. Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 750 GB SSD. I've never run out of processing power, and the new Thunderbolt interfaces and drives rock! Highly recommended.

You'd have to compress and limit it, but unfortunately, if it's already been heavily compressed and limited, it will start to sound like crap.

That was a video about Pro Tools now supporting Core Audio so you could play back through your laptop into your car stereo without an external interface needed. It's still online.

Mastering should be the very last step once all the pieces are in place (including vocals), although if you are commercially producing beats, some light mastering to make sure the EQ and dynamics sound appealing might be helpful.

I don't think it comes with a doubler. You'd need to buy one. The one I use is from Waves.

Make sure you're bouncing the same channels you are monitoring. For instance, if you have all your tracks routed to Output 1-2, make sure your Bounce dialogue box shows that as the bounce source too.