Recording an Album | Mixing Vs. Mastering

Producer Mitch Easter (REM, Pavement, Suzanne Vega, Wilco) describes the differences between mixing and mastering a record. He also discusses how the mastering process came about, whether it’s necessary to have your music mastered, and others tips for making the most out of your studio session.

Check out the other videos in this series, where Mitch talks about finding a studio/engineer and gives some tips to artists trying to make their first album.

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Music Mastering Tips - How to Use the Waves L2 Limiter

All Credits go to the Point Blank Online School. Visit their official website by clicking this link for more tutorials: http://bit.ly/Onine-School

On this video you’ll how to use the waves l2 limiter to get your music to sound as loud as commercial releases or your favorite songs.

Music Mastering Tips – How to Use the Waves L2 Limiter


Yoad Nevo: Mastering with Waves

Visit: http://www.waves.com/?utm_source=ytd&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=2V9d6zQzcrg for more information.

Pro Audio Mastering Tips in Ableton Live - Course Trailer

Trailer for the Pro Audio Mastering Tips in Ableton Live online course available at http://music-courses.com/Recording-&-Engineering-Courses/Audio-Mastering-Courses/Pro-Audio-Mastering-Tips-in-Ableton-Live/p-72-100-225/?a_aid=4ece3f4b82f5a

With this 90-minute course, you will learn the basics of mastering, using Live 9’s internal devices. You will learn about each of Live’s mastering effects, and the different ways they can be used to achieve various mastered sounds. In addition to the movie, there is a 13-page Pro Tips pdf and Mastering Flowchart, which provide you with downloadable material that can quickly be accessed any time to serve as a permanent reminder of the techniques covered on the course.

This course is also part of the complete Mastering in the Box with Ableton Live 9 online course, available here: http://www.music-courses.com/Music-Software/Ableton-Live-Courses/Mastering-in-the-Box-with-Ableton-Live/p-69-78-223/?a_aid=4ece3f4b82f5a

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