FL Studio 11 – The Secret To Mastering (Producers Dont Want You To Know This – @Iamdtruman)

Have a favorite producer? Have u heard of a producer on SoundClick who material you like?
NOW! Have you ever ask that producer, How do you get your beats to sound like they are mastered on FL Studio to only get s**ted on just for wanting to learn how to get a good mix like they have? Well, no worry cause im gonna show you exactly how to get a great mix using FL Studio. This tutorial will show you how to clean up the instruments, a great way you can use the EQ, AND, a great way you can balance ou the frequencies in your mix. Just follow these simple steps and you too could have a great sounding mix all from the comfort of your home using FL Studio.



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Here’s a new tutorial for all our home recording enthusiasts out there! This is a really easy way to get that volume back into your track that you exported out of Garageband using Garageband!

Enjoy ­čÖé
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In relation to your opening starting out with you telling people that every sound engineer has their own path to getting it done essentially… "If it sounds good, it is good"-B.B. King?

Yo this was so helpful and I appreciate how you kept it real. I wanna see more stuff like this. Keep it coming brother.?

dude that piano loop is dope but you should speed it up. Play this on 1.25 and you'll see what I mean. Sounds epic.?

Hay bro I didn't mean to be disrespectful and please don't take it that that…?

I love the intro speech. I'm like YES, EXACTLY!! Thank you?

shut that godamn sound off…i cannot finish listening to you…?

The secret of mastering… Well if all he does is EQ that shit… Why doesn't he know that the 2kHz is a frequency that can cause pain to the ears??? He is boosting the shit out of that 2k xD…?

'Producers Dont Want You To Know This'? That's not right to say that. I want every producer to know this why shouldn't I….so stupid argument. Speak for yourselve don't speak for 'every producer'. Talking about 'they' 'they' 'they' as If everybody should follow 'you' 'you' you'….but anyway I hope you learn a lesson thanks to yourself.?

da fuck just get on with the god damn tutorial shit man?

u a real nigga…..I agree, there's no ethics to mixing?

One time for that boy  @Iamtruman. Wish the best for him on that beat making tip. Thanks for the video.?

Ey man wether this is basic or not this shit helped me a lot nd just from this I learned more shit on my own thank u broski for the schoolin I hate asking other producers for help some are too greedy thinking u gonna get better than them but goodlookin out?

yeah man! music is music! great intro message?

Subscribed after the 2 min intro about being original to your music. big ups?

I've never listened to more true words maaaan?

Thats wuzz up G keep it up?

Is it good when you have the song going red much? Or doesn't it reach the red in the equalizer down in Garageband??

Been trying to figure this out for my guitar lesson vids and your tutorial helped a ton. Thanks!?

OK – all good – but to finish off – export the mastered original as a new mp3? or something else….sorry I must have missed the ending??

wow… very helpful when it comes time for my tracks to be done… I always lose volume. ┬áThanks again?

Good lesson starting to get it.Should have added our last export process?

Thanks man. Great video. I agree with Kadeem.?

Could you make a tutorial on how to edit vocals, like how to double them for a hook or whatever, and/or what are the best techniques to get a professional sounding track??

i tried this method in garageband10 and it still exported at the lower volume . i  didn't have any peaking in garageband  recording either . any suggestions ??

Thank you for the helpful video! ­čÖé I've always had this problem.?