Mastering 101: Basic Mastering Tutorial – Part 1

This is a tutorial on Mastering in Pro Tools 10 that glosses over iZotope Ozone 5 and what each module is used for. I also explain basic features and functionality of Ozone 5.

Here is iZotope’s website that compares the features of Ozone 5 (9) to Ozone 5 Advanced (9) – http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/ozone/
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Tutorial – Ozone Mastering Secret – How to get your track as loud as the PROs
with Ableton 9 and Izotope Ozone

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Melbourne Bounce Template : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wunz0FFLidY
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I'm really diggin' how comprehensive and thorough Ozone is. I normally use the L316 to master and it always turns out great. Does any one have an opinion about these two plugins and how they compare? Or about other mastering plugins available out there that can match or exceed these two??

is that song available online??

i have the wave bundle….how would i do this without izotope?

Nice tutorial Brian. This a big help to me as an ameture trying to do it the hard way. I'm using ozone 6 with ableton live. Sadly I can only truly use it as a standalone rather than a plugin since my computer spazzes out after becoming overloaded. Anyway thanks again. ?

Great video but you say "umm" too much?

Your are also lacking a cut around 200-500z?

Why would you hit learn overtime you switch to another area of Ozone.  It's just going to move all the other bands around in the exciter/compresser/stereo imager.  You only need to hit learn once.  Also if you want a low end to be as tight as possible why are you only pulling it down by 1 and a half percent????

is the song out yet? it sounds good !?

I've had ozone 5 for 2 years and never used it. lol. Finally used it and I'm very pleased. It's a sexy piece of software?

How are you bussing these tracks? They're already set up when I start watching?

Congratulations! You officially made a shitty EDM recording sound even shittier than it was before! Thank you for trying to convince other younger people that making recordings is supposed to be an "easy" process like going through the drive-thru at McDonalds. Unfortunately…real music requires patience, effort, time, attention-to-detail, soul, and money. Pro tip: if you want your recordings as loud as "the pros", while still keeping the dynamics in tact….hire a professional mastering engineer who uses a fully-analog chain in an actual treated mastering suite. In other words: mastering one's own shit "in the box" will never sound totally "pro". If you're a real artist who cares about putting good work out there, you'll save up and budget for a real mastering job with somebody who actually knows how to do it correctly, without making it sound like garbage. Good luck!?

Nice quick fix for someone looking for the first step in mastering, thanks…?

Don't destroy a good mix with loudness please…?

i usually dont dislike videos, but when i do, its usually on videos like these!?

ozone has a great metering section – click on the 'meter bridge' button?

In other words, how to kill your perfectly mixed song. 

Mastering your song like shit and having it "loud" seems counter-intuitive since most "EDM" wants a drop to hit hard. You can't achieve that if there isn't the dramatic quiet before the loud drop.?

Awesome tune! Where can I download it? :)?