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Computer Music Production School Interview on America’s Web Radio

Listen to the interview as we discuss how the Computer Music Production School started, how it works and why the school is becoming more favorable than typical music colleges and audio institutes.

America’s Web Radio (AWR)/Radio Sandy Springs AWR can be heard locally, Sandy Springs at 1620 LPAM. AWR produces over 45 live shows a week in their 3 studios. Cumulatively they have over 300,000 iTunes downloads monthly, their rss feed is over half a million monthly.

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Listen to the Interview

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Music Industry Sales for Independent Artists

For the past 10 years we have heard the doom and gloom about music industry sales decreasing and music piracy increasing. Well for once in the past 10 years I came across these Music Industry Sales Stats and this info is especially inspiring for independent artists.

If you look at these Music Industry Sales Stats, it is quite exciting to see that independent labels are ranked #4 as one of the ‘big four’ top contenders who own the music industry. Numbers are numbers and speculation is speculation but just think.. 10 years ago there was no possible way those numbers could even exist for independent labels and artists..

My Point?

  • Keep Writing inspiring music, do something DIFFERENT, you don’t have time to waste!
  • Only you have your unique talent to express. If you don’t, it is lost forever.
  • Work on your craft, get it professional and let the world listen, NOW!

Music Industry Sales Stats (v2)
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Music Industry Sales Stats – A worldwide business of over 60 billion dollars per year, the music industry claims to be a huge victim of online piracy. What do the numbers actually say?

The Sad State of the Old Music Business – In surveying the state of the business now, many of the decisions made by music executives over the past 12 years have resulted in nothing less than complete failure.