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Selling Beats and Getting your Music in the Right Hands

As the music industry gets crowded, many people have asked how do I get my beats in the right hands, how do I meet big time producers, how do I get a manager, how do I get on radio, what’s the best way to get signed and many other similar questions…. All of these questions can be aligned with one simple and crazy answer…

The best way to get your beats in the right hands is to not say anything…
Sound crazy yet?

Here’s how it works. First, make yourself a valuable producer, artist, engineer, etc. Take your time perfecting your craft to the next level. Second, know what you want to do and where you want to be. Afterwards, get your business together. Invest time and money in yourself. Have a creative business card, website, myspace page, professional CD demo and most importantly great material. It’s time to retire the writing on scratched CDs. If the package doesn’t have any effort in it, chances are the music will be judged in the same manner. No one will take interest in your career as much as you will so it is very important to have great material AND great looking CD graphics, pictures and business cards.

Next, create different sounding beats, say something different in both the music and lyrics – just be you! People don’t want what is already out there. Always push yourself to your own cutting edge. Have outstanding material that ‘wows’ people. Always have business cards and CDs on hand so it’s easy to hear your work. Keep your integrity with perseverance and the best clients will come to you. You won’t need to seek them. Let who you are do the talking.

Now while you are being you, do what you like doing. If you like networking events, have fun at them. If you like to perform, go to where people perform. Go to the music events that you enjoy and be yourself. Then become friends with everyone you meet. Keep it honest and see how you can help others. After the events, make the connections. Just take an hour once a month to start. Contact every person who gave you a card or CD. Listen to their material. Offer your services free to someone you really like. Or, find out how you can help them in conversation. By being valuable and serving others, you will naturally attract the right people that can help you. People will naturally become interested in what you’re doing when you are genuinely concerned for their well being. This applies to professional networking events, clubbing, live performances or any independent event.

Regarding people you meet, just befriend them. ‘Industry’ connects take time, patience, sincerity, and just being a good friend. Find common ground. Great relationships and friendships take time and the same applies to business connections and client relationships. Always treat everyone like they are important. Everyone is important and successful no matter what stage they are at. If they are as committed as you are, it’s just a matter of time before their outward circumstances of success show the results of their inner success and integrity. People who are without integrity and are in it for themselves naturally fall to the way side.

In summary, just be you and have fun doing what you love. Help others however you can – no stress. Just lend a helping hand when you can. Within a short time, watch your friends and connections grow while you are having fun… Networking and selling your music comes down to your goals, dreams and passions. When you tap into your passion everyone wants to be apart of what you do.

Tutorial: Selling Beats and Getting your Music in the Right Hands
1) Continually learn, perfect your craft and create great music – something you believe in. Be different.
2) Get your business together. Get a logo, good graphics for your demo CDs and test the music on your friends. See how they respond. Use the best response songs as the music to represent yourself.
3) Go to events where you’ll meet likeminded people. Your not out to find ‘industry contacts’ but to find friends with common interest that you can enjoy the journey with. Naturally who you need to meet will follow..

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