3 ways worry dry up creativity

3 Ways to keep Worry from Drying up your Music Creativity

If you are worried about anything while making beats or recording music, it is possible you may suffer from writer’s block or a lack of music creativity. Truth be told there is no such thing as writer’s block but that is entirely different article… Worrying however, contributes to any form of writers block.

Worrying consists of any negative thoughts that project into your future about you and your music. These thoughts literally can eat away at you ‘behind the scenes’ while you’re working on music, writing lyrics and finishing your music.

Here are some facts about Worry while creating music:

  • Worry keeps you from doing what can be done to change your circumstances.
  • Worry will never change the outcome and allows your fears to come to pass.
  • What you focus on expands and what expands grows and flourishes.
  • Is your worry about ‘making it’ or ‘do i have what it takes’ driving you?
  • Or is how much you love making beats and song writing what drives you?

Only your music creativity will keep your fears and worries from happening.

You are ultimately going to end up where you are constantly thinking.
Either worry or creativity can exist. Either fear or hope can exist.
Both cannot exist in the same place. Which ones do you find yourself focusing on?

Here are 3 ways to Keep Worry from Drying up your Music Creativity:
1) Think about what you’re thinking about while making music: You can sense when worry starts rearing its ugly head, it starts with a knot in the stomach, discouragement about what you’re creating, then it can grow into talking you out of creating music, it will say things like: ‘you can’t make beats, you’re not talented, or today is not a good day for making music for you’.

2) Make a worry or fear list: write down every single thing that is stopping you from daily going for your dreams. Next to each item, write down – is this something out of your hands or can you do something about this? Keep this list near by when you are making beats and tapping into your music creativity.

3) Move into a state of action: Take action and change what you can change. Stop focusing on the things you can’t do anything about.

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That is true I have that circumstance recurring trying to stump out the passion or creativity in me but one thing it can’t I not a quitter I am a fighter God design me that’s way. My Inspiration needs to be on God and not on my ability which is limit by gravity but hook up to the infinite source of creativity which is life eternal!