4. How to write songs – Starting with lyrics

For many people often the most difficult task of songwriting is lyric writing. And with lyric writing often the most difficult part is knowing where to start. In this video I give you one technique…
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Wow, that point about not writing about a subject seems to be the thing
that is blocking me. I’m so so stuck with a song about an actual girl who
is very inspirational to others and highly motivated and successful
herself. I have 4 lines that is chorus but can’t figure out anything else
at all.. I don’t want cheap lyrics so its even harder. Don’t just want to
say good things about her in plain language and get done with it.

Did you analyze Lorde’s style of writing? Can you make a video on that type
of writing? That weird vague style is my favourite but its also crazy hard
to come up with something like that. Lines are so disjointed and still make

Hi jeff burton….i was wondering i write lyrics to various instrumentals
of songs i hear is this hindering my songwriting experirnce doing it this
way at all?…..i tend to listen to the instrumental and im able to write a
song to it straight away then listen back and edit after….?

Could you comment on these eminem lyrics?

Do you feel they fit the natural rhythm of human vocals? Does hip hop/rap
fall into a different category? Do you think most of his songs are forced
rhythm or he is forcing many syllables or do you feel it is natural? Here
are some lyrics

Apparently there’s a slight contagiousness to this tirade
It just might make you sick
So irate with this my brain is just like a fucking fried egg
Is my mind scrambled? Cause I’m lit, narrow minded

it goes on and on? Thoughts and comments would be appreciated to make sense
of all this, as I want to write hip hop lyrics.?

Hey Jeff, this was really helpful, fellow sojourner. Thank you for taking
the time to help us struggling songwriters- awesome stuff. It’s funny,
I’ve got a backlog of lyrics, and I’ve always struggled with finding the
music to accompany them. I have also found myself in a trap when trying to
write about something (although I’ve pulled it off a couple times), I love
the idea of starting with the end. Really, thanks I’ve been in a rut for a
long time. I’ve got notebooks coming out of my ears. Oh, what I wouldn’t
give for a writing partner with your abilities!?

subsconscious. ah, thats what i work off of. all my songs and poetry ive
written so far and started is from my subconscious.?

Also what if you get suck and find it difficult to access your
subconscious… lol?

Awesome advise man!!! But how do I start a kind of rockrap kind of song!!

super useful. But Jeff, my technique in composing is to sing random words.
meaning, i already have its melody without an instrument. my big problem is
to suit its melody to the instrument. i find it hard to match the perfect
chord in it. what should i do??

Wonderful pieces of advice! Thanks so much mr. Burton! I’ll try writing my
lyrics starting with the end! Loved that one )))?

GIVE ME !!!!!

Oh, and awesome tutorial. You’ve just helped me ALOT with EXACTLY what I’ve
got problems with :D?

Hhh I cant do this im only 11. I have searched over n over to help with
lyrics, this video seems to help but i cant like get lyrics.. :c?

Howdy, Jeff. The best and user friendly approach to explaining (teaching)
song writing. Thank you. Jim?