6 Music Production / Songwriting Tips!

Hope these helped some of you guys. If so, please give the video a share 🙂 Patch Downloads: http://goo.gl/YDEXX ———————————- Show your support: Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/teO…


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nice video bro, thanks for sharing your mind <3?

I know this sounds bad but I produce my best after a couple cigs?

Good video. The best songwriting/ producing tips seem to be the simplest

OR! Make sure your distractions are at least productive, i.e., practicing
violin scales while listening to a video about songwriting/production tips.


i do the humming notes into my phone lol i thought it was weird?

Nice video bro I could really use these tips I make music +Quizy Boii ?

I just subcribed to this YouTube channel.
Hold back for 2 weeks and put it out of your mind.
If you still think it’s awesome…go for it!?

Common sense tips for music production.
6 Music Production / Songwriting Tips!?

you have such a pleasant talking voice?

Thanks for the tips bro. and the voice note thing…. your a genius!!! 😀
Why Didn’t I think of that!?! 😀 All blesses to you bro and namaste!

Want to be ready when inspiration hits? Must see tips for music production.
6 Music Production / Songwriting Tips!?

Great Tips.
Funny though that he talks about getting distracted by the social networks
and stuff and i’m sitting here watching this video…. ^^?

Great tips mate. I find for me the tips on having your logistics in place
and the tip about giving your tracks some resting time and reviewing them
after a day or two work the best.
The tip about having food and drinks(maybe even cigarettes, if you smoke)
on hand was something I had picked up from one of Rusko’s production
Though these are some very general tips and not specifically technical,
they really help you to be comfortable and in the correct state of mind to
make great music.
Thanks for sharing Dorincourt :)?