7 Brain Hacks To Improve Your Productivity

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What are you doing to increase your productivity??

is anyone else doing homework whilst watching this??

Umm… help? A lot of people in our class (11 out of 14) have polyphemia,
which is a semi-common mental/physical condition where if you sleep less,
say like, 4-6 hours, you feel energized, like you had a good night’s sleep,
but if you sleep the “normal” amount, 6-10 hours, you feel super tired and
drowzy. I’m not sure how and if we can fix this, because if we sleep that
little the growth hormones are gonna be disrupted and our lessons will be
more stressful and hard, because we have bad memory, which is just a world
destroyer for exams. I usually go sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 5-6 AM so I
can make it to school, which starts at 8:30 AM. Of course, if we slept the
normal amount we wouldn’t be able to concentrate and have a high chance of
falling asleep, and we wouldn’t have as much as time for our
outside-of-school time and morning preparation for school. I don’t know
where the computer time fades away, I mean technically I’m on it for 7
hours, which is fine since I also get exercise, but 2 hours from it goes to
chatting and 3 hours for videos. What? How? Why??

I wish I had that ability to take a nap or fall asleep whenever i wanted :(?

Will the internet ever get this
cut with rough or heavy blows.
“I watched them hack the branches”
synonyms: cut, chop, hew, lop, saw; slash
“Stuart hacked the padlock off”
kick wildly or roughly.
“he had to race from his line to hack the ball into the stand”
gain unauthorized access to data in a system or computer.
“they hacked into the bank’s computer”
program quickly and roughly.?

Step #1: Stop watching BuzzFeed videos while at work……….?

Adderall. ?

I envy people who can sleep when they want. In 15 minutes I would not even
nap :)?

Who needs brainwork? I don’t for one.?

Bakpacking makes you smarter. Try it. Get away from electronics for a week
or so.?

Actually if you’re staring at a computer monitor with the light on it
strains your eyes.?

My productivity would increase by at least 200% if I unsubscribed from
buzzfeed. 1000% if I stay off of youtube all together.?

Forget that. *goes and watches YouTube all day*?

whats with the porno music???

“Studies shown paper and pencil is better” are you f***ing kidding me? If I
find something better than something else it is an opinion!?