Ableton Live 9 Productivity TIps

Some tips on how to enhance your workflow with Ableton Live 9. original music and dj mixes at: soundcloud.com/tasp mixcloud.com/willsanquil EP coming to Werk…
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++ on not using the mouse.

also, convolution reverb is REALLY nice :)?

Ableton Live 9 Productivity TIps?

Excellent vid, I learned so much in so little time! Question: I am a user
of Sampletank, and other multi-timbral softsynths. How do I create 16 Midi
Channels into a preset so I don’t have to re-map and load my sampletank
sounds each time?

how do you get sylenth 1 on ableton pleas do a tutorial jou wil get many
many views with it

well, yes and no. I phrased it poorly, because the automation in the clips
and the arrangement are exactly the same – they are can be used
interchangeably. What I meant is that if you are in arrangement view, you
used to be able to double click on the clip and go into the envelopes and
do ‘clip automation’. That is no longer the case, all of those automatable
parameters are still automatable through the arrangement view but that
specific way of doing it is no longer available. Make sense?

Great usefull tips , i become a 0 switch adict

Great video and good descriptions/voice projection. Clearest ableton
tutorial I’ve watched keep it up

thanks alot for the response man 🙂 very helpfull !!!

Could I download the Max LFO somewhere? I had a look for it @ M4L couldn’t
see it? thanks for taking the time enjoyed a lot 😀

Well done. I love watching someone who can wip around Ableton this fast.
Workflow doesn’t get much attention in the video Tutorials. How about
constructing a few small drum and bass examples. You also mention creating
interesting sound clips…”do some every day”…..how about showing a few
of those. Thanks

Great video man, thanks alot 🙂 The Automation in clips in Arrangement view
has really shocked me .. does that mean that to control a parameter in
Arrangement, you HAVE to put that clip in Session ? I’ve been using ableton
for a while, and I do all my stuff in arrangement view because i do a lot
of chopping and micro edits, and that would really annoy me to have to
consolidate everything to put in the session to then bring back to
arrangement, is there a way to make it easier ?

because they completely changed the way clip automation works. it used to
scale off of the values of the knobs position, so if you had your filter at
50% going from 0-100% in clip automation would only sweep half your filter.
You can still do all the things that you used to be able to do, just a
slightly different method. if you have a clip in arrangement and you want
to use the clip interface for doing automation, copy the clip into session,
automate, then copy that clip to arrangement 🙂

Great idea for a next tutorial, I’ll look into that and see if I can come
up with something in the next week or so. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks
for the kind words 🙂